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Press Releases 05.22.15
“On Memorial Day, we honor through remembrance those who gave their ‘last full measure of devotion’ in service to our country and in the name of freedom."
Blog Posts 05.22.15
Speaker Boehner, Leader McCarthy and the House Republican Conference may boast and celebrate the passage of their special interest measures in the 114th Congress, but they should reevaluate these so-called accomplishments...
Press Releases 05.22.15
“Harvey Milk’s courageous, trailblazing leadership stands as one of the great beacons of progress for our country."
Press Releases 05.22.15
“During Jewish American Heritage Month, Americans of all backgrounds join in celebrating the many contributions Jewish Americans have made to our great country."
Press Releases 05.21.15
This week Republicans continued to double down on their trickle-down priorities at the expense of the middle class, with the latest completely unpaid-for, permanent, deficit-exploding tax measure.
Blog Posts 05.21.15
Earlier today at his weekly press conference, Speaker Boehner adamantly refused to hold a vote that will protect American jobs and the job-creating Export-Import Bank, declaring that he…
Speeches 05.21.15
“Trafficking’s persistence is an outrage that challenges us all to greater action to fight its perpetrators and to support its victims."
Press Releases 05.20.15
Today, it is my privilege, again, to join in expressing the nation’s gratitude for the indomitable spirit and extraordinary legacy of the elite American Fighter Aces.
Blog Posts 05.20.15
House Democrats support making the R&D tax credit permanent in a responsible, paid-for manner.  Speaker Boehner and House Republicans, however, don’t.  They are hypocritically vowing to yet again pass another unpaid-for measure of $181.6 billion that blows a hole in the nation’s... Continue ...
Speeches 05.20.15
“Our commitment – on our side of the aisle, I know – is to science, to research and development that creates jobs, launches entire new industries, and gives us the miraculous power to cure."
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