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Blog Posts 07.02.15
Right-wing groups highly influential in the Republican Government Shutdown of 2013 that cost our economy $24 billion are cheering the shutdown of the job-creating Export-Import Bank’s charter after Speaker Boehner and extremist House GOP Members failed to renew it and save American... Continue ...
Press Releases 07.02.15
“June’s job’s report shows our economy continuing to move in the right direction, extending the longest uninterrupted stretch of private sector job creation in our history."
Blog Posts 07.01.15
On the job-creating Export-Import Bank, Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership caved to the demands of extremist groups and House GOP Members issuing warnings and tracking their every move. It’s no wonder the Republican leaders will not act to save the... Continue ...
Blog Posts 07.01.15
The job-creating Export-Import Bank’s charter expired at midnight under Speaker Boehner’s watch for the first time since it was created in 1934 during the Great Depression. USA Today – Congress lets Export-Import Bank expire The Denver Post – Death of Ex-Im Bank... Continue ...
Press Releases 07.01.15
“The agreement announced today by President Obama to reestablish embassies in Washington and Havana represents historic progress toward restored relations with Cuba."
Blog Posts 06.30.15
Last week, Republicans decided once again to turn their backs on American workers and American businesses trying to compete and succeed in the global marketplace – recessing without acting to extend the charter of the Export-Import Bank, putting at risk the thousands of jobs it... Continue ...
Blog Posts 06.30.15
In the wake of the Supreme Court upholding the Affordable Care Act for the second time, Speaker Boehner and Members of the Republican leadership vowed last week to cause more obstruction, dysfunction and distraction...
Press Releases 06.30.15
"Thanks to Republicans’ refusal to act, the Export-Import Bank’s charter will expire at midnight, leaving many American workers, manufacturers and small businesses in the lurch."
Press Releases 06.30.15
“It is my privilege to join the millions of Americans, Catholic and non-Catholic, who are overjoyed to be welcoming His Holiness Pope Francis to the United States."
Blog Posts 06.30.15
While Republicans chose to deal another unnecessary blow to our economy, House Democrats have been fighting to renew the Ex-Im Bank.
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