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Press Releases 03.28.15
Andersen Air Force Base, Guam – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi is leading a bipartisan Congressional delegation trip to Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Korea and Japan.  The delegation arrives in Cambodia on Saturday, beginning the five-nation trip focused on critical issues underpinning U.S. relations... Continue ...
Press Releases 03.27.15
“With Harry Reid’s decision to retire, Congress and our country will lose a patriot, pioneer, and one of the greatest leaders the Senate has ever known."
Press Releases 03.26.15
We are transferring Medicare away from a volume based system toward one that rewards value. This is really important.
Speeches 03.26.15
“I'm proud to rise in support of this historic bipartisan package. It represents a bold, necessary progress for our country."
Speeches 03.25.15
"Our House Democratic Budget works for hard-working Americans, making it easier to own a home, easier to send a child to college, easier to have a secure and enjoyable retirement. "
Newsroom 03.25.15
“Businesses, families, workers, and our economy benefit when all employees earn an honest day’s pay for a full day’s work, regardless of gender."
Blog Posts 03.25.15
This callous budget will result in more hardship for America’s middle class and hard-working families. And don’t take our word for it…...
Press Releases 03.25.15
“The American people send our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of two fellow Americans who died, and join in mourning those lost in the crash from every nation. "
Blog Posts 03.24.15
House Democrats’ budget alternative that invests in the hard-working Americans who are the backbone of our country: Price-less.
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