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Press Releases 03.02.15
“House Republicans’ anti-immigrant riders are beneath the dignity of a conference committee. It is long overdue for House Republicans to stop the obstruction of full funding for the Department of Homeland Security."
Blog Posts 03.02.15
Speaker Boehner and the House GOP’s manufactured homeland security crisis remains on full display.
Blog Posts 03.02.15
A new Hart Research and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) poll released today highlights significant problems for Speaker Boehner and Congressional Republicans who are fixated on dismantling and undermining the ACA...
Press Releases 03.02.15
“Senator Barbara Mikulski is one of the most forceful and effective legislators Congress has ever known – a woman who has always known her power and wielded it to improve the lives of others."
Press Releases 03.01.15
"Throughout this month, we salute the contributions of extraordinary women and ensure the equality of opportunity needed to help America's daughters thrive."
Blog Posts 03.01.15
In yet another fumble, Speaker Boehner, Leader McCarthy and Whip Scalise booked themselves on Sunday shows before they counted votes.  The trio tried desperately to brush off their embarrassing short-term DHS bill defeat, downplay the significant amount of internal chaos in their... Continue ...
Press Releases 02.28.15
I’m very proud of our Members, the unity that we had. It showed the commitment to full funding.
Press Releases 02.28.15
Thank you for your cooperation on the vote earlier today. Our unity was a strong statement that the Department of Homeland Security must be fully funded.
Articles 02.28.15
If anyone was in control of the House floor Friday, it was San Francisco Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, not the Republicans who won full control of Congress in November.
Speeches 02.27.15
“You’ve made a mess; you have made a mess. We have so many bills, counter bills, CR's, all the rest of it coming back, forward and all the rest, and every time I ask all of you what's happening, everybody says: ‘I don't know.’"
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