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Press Releases 07.29.15
“This afternoon, President Obama made a strong and forceful case for supporting the nuclear agreement with Iran."
Blog Posts 07.29.15
Bottom line: not only are GOP leaders viewed in negative light, but as the New York Times stated, even Republicans “dislike…their accomplishments.”
Press Releases 07.29.15
“We must not allow the promise of Medicare and Medicaid to be undermined or be betrayed. We must strengthen, not cut, or voucher, or block grant these essential pillars of America’s health and economic security."
Blog Posts 07.29.15
That’s what Speaker Boehner said just moments ago during his weekly press conference.
Press Releases 07.29.15
“The charges in the indictment against Congressman Chaka Fattah are deeply saddening. Congressman Fattah has been a tireless and effective advocate for America’s hard-working families..."
Blog Posts 07.29.15
Speaker Boehner and House Republicans will leave for August recess without reauthorizing the job-creating Export-Import Bank – and newspapers around the country continue to call for its immediate renewal.
Press Releases 07.29.15
“As the American people look to Congress for solutions that face the challenges they face, they increasingly see a Republican Congress dominated by obstruction, distraction and dysfunction."
Press Releases 07.28.15
It is outrageous that Republicans plan to begin the August recess early, with so many critical issues still needing to be addressed.
Blog Posts 07.28.15
The Republican Congress continues to be consumed by petty intra-party politics while the priorities of hard-working Americans go completely ignored.
Press Releases 07.27.15
"Foreign Service Officers who so ably and proudly represent our nation should be encouraged to serve wherever their expertise and language skills are needed."
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