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Press Releases 10.09.15
“This is a very important day because we have broken through the wall of obstruction in the Congress, again to get the job done in a bipartisan way, which is what we all come here to do.'
Speeches 10.09.15
Good evening, everyone. Thank you, Chair Linda Sánchez. Let us all salute Linda for her inspirational leadership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the CHCI. Thank you, Linda."
Press Releases 10.08.15
Yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office released the budget review showing that the deficit fell to $435 billion in fiscal year 2015, a $48 billion reduction from the year before.
Speeches 10.08.15
“Mr. Speaker, I rise to celebrate the leadership of a consummate civil servant, a skilled strategist, and an astute advisor for his outstanding service to the Congress for the better part of three decades."
Blog Posts 10.07.15
In a single day, Leader McCarthy admitted twice that the Benghazi Select Committee represents nothing more than Republicans playing politics with taxpayer money.
Speeches 10.07.15
Thank you Madam Speaker. I thank the gentlewoman for yielding and salute her for her relentless championing of the rights of consumers in our country, as our Ranking Member on the Financial Services Committee."
Press Releases 10.07.15
While Congress dithers over establishing committees for a political purpose, the clock is racing on a deadline of October 15th where, unless Congress acts, there will be a big increase in Medicare payments and deductibles.
Blog Posts 10.07.15
275:  October 7th is the 275th day of the 114th Congress 125:  Days the GOP House has been in session, including 25 pro-forma days in which the House gaveled in & out in a matter of minutes & no legislative business was completed... Continue ...
Press Releases 10.07.15
Today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced that Keith Stern will serve as Director of Floor Legislative Operations, replacing Jerry Hartz who departed the House of Representatives in September after 28 years of service.
Blog Posts 10.06.15
House Republicans’ complete dysfunction is throwing America into a Calendar of Chaos.
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