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Pelosi Announces Directly Elected Freshmen Steering Committee Representative, Committee Assignments

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi announced today that, breaking with tradition, the freshman class will directly elect their representative to the Steering and Policy Committee of the House Democratic Caucus.  Additionally, Pelosi announced committee assignments for Congressman Curson of Michigan and Congressman Garamendi of California for the remainder of the 112th Congress.  

“Our newly-elected Members have already proven to be extraordinary leaders who make our House Democratic Caucus the first Caucus in history to be composed of a majority of women and minorities,” Leader Pelosi said.  “It is because of their leadership that, in a break with tradition, I have asked the incoming freshmen to elect their representative to the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee.  Our Caucus and the American people have great confidence in their abilities.”

Pelosi also announced that she will recommend at tomorrow’s Democratic Caucus meeting the following Members receive these committee assignments for the remainder of the 112th Congress:

  • Congressman David Curson of Michigan, Committee on Science, Space & Technology
  • Congressman John Garamendi of California, Agriculture Committee