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Pelosi Announces Awarding of Two Department of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness Grants to San Francisco

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today announcing the awarding of two emergency preparedness grants by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – a $12.89 million Transit Security Grant to secure the underwater Transbay Tube connecting San Francisco with the city of Oakland, and a $7.6 million Port Security Grant to the San Francisco Fire Department to purchase a new fireboat:  

“In awarding these grants to San Francisco, I applaud the Department of Homeland Security for providing critical resources to assist in maintaining the security and emergency preparedness of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

“Each day, over 195,000 passengers pass through the Transbay Tube on their way to work and home again on BART.  By retrofitting and seismically reinforcing the structure’s marine and surface supports, these upgrades will allow BART to move towards lasting permanent safety upgrades – critical to protecting riders for years to come.

“Our first responders in the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD) preserve lives, protect homes and perform acts of heroism every day.  It is critical that we provide our firefighters with the critical resources they need to protect our city.  That is why I was proud to fight alongside Senator Dianne Feinstein to secure the Port Security Grant so that the SFFD can purchase a new, modern fireboat improving marine security and safety, water rescue, emergency medical services, spill response, dive rescue and fire suppression services to the entire Bay Area.

“San Francisco stands as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, a center for international commerce, trade and finance, and is one of the nation's most at-risk regions.  The investment of federal resources to ensure our region's security and the safety of our citizens shall always be one of my top priorities in Congress.”