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Pelosi Dear Colleague: Maintaining Unity as We Move Forward

Dear Colleague,

House Democrats stood firmly against the Tea Party Continuing Resolution that is designed to shut-down the government.  For clear-cut reasons, Democrats refused to put insurance companies back in charge of Americans’ health care.  We refused to slash the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was created with strong, bipartisan support.  We refused to wreak havoc on health care for seniors by disrupting provider payments under Medicare.  And we refused to destroy jobs, weaken the middle class and threaten our economy.

The strength that we demonstrated as House Democrats in voting against the Tea Party Continuing Resolution gives us leverage as we go forward.  That is why I’m requesting that Members keep their powder dry with respect to our next steps as we await a Continuing Resolution from the Senate.  Our continued unity will only strengthen our leverage in this fight and the upcoming debt ceiling debate as well.

Thank you for your leadership and please contact me should you wish to discuss this critical matter further.

best regards,

Democratic Leader