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Pelosi and Hudson Announce Friendly Wager on 49ers-Panthers Playoff Game

Washington, D.C. – Today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Congressman Richard Hudson announced the details of a friendly wager over the second round playoff game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers.  As passionate fans and competitive colleagues, the Members of Congress agreed to a battle for bragging rights and local delicacies.

If the 49ers win, Congressman Hudson will supply Pelosi with Bojangles chicken, Lance crackers, and plenty of Cheerwine to wash it all down. If the Panthers win, Pelosi will provide Hudson with San Francisco sourdough bread from Boudin’s Bakery and chocolate from Ghirardelli and TCHO.

“San Francisco’s legendary chocolate and sourdough aren’t going anywhere: the 49ers are going to flatten the Panthers,” Pelosi said. “I look forward to starting next week with a hearty meal of chicken, crackers, Cheerwine, and victory.” 

“If Leader Pelosi is so desperate to taste some delicious southern food and Cheerwine that she would enter into a bet she is sure to lose, you have to wonder what they’re feeding those folks out on the West Coast,” Hudson said. “But if she really wants to do this, I’ll gladly enjoy some San Francisco sweets every day next week while the Panthers are on their way to a conference championship.”