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Pelosi Spokesman Statement on GOP Affordable Care Act Playbook, Plans for Waves of Partisan Attacks

Washington, D.C. – Drew Hammill, spokesman for Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi, issued the following statement on the House Republican leadership’s creation of a “House Republican Playbook” and their plans to create “waves” of partisan attacks in their efforts to repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act:

“We already know that the House Republican Agenda for next year is completely blank; they simply have no solutions to the challenges Americans face.  Now, given their lack of any proactive ideas, it is clear their focus will continue to be on scare tactics designed to discourage people from seeking health coverage.

“While Republicans continue to fixate on sabotaging health reform and root for failure, House Democrats will continue to stand tall in support of the Affordable Care Act, work to strengthen the health reform law as implementation continues, and ensure that millions of uninsured Americans get coverage.”