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Pelosi: The Affordable Care Act Strengthens Families, Saves Billions for Consumers

Washington, D.C. - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Health and Human Services announced that consumers saved $3.9 billion last year due to provisions in the Affordable Care Act:

“Today's announcement offers further evidence that the Affordable Care Act is meeting many of its goals: to strengthen the economic security of families and to save money for consumers.

“By committing more of Americans’ premium dollars to patient care and quality improvement, we are ensuring that Americans are achieving major savings and getting better value in their health insurance.  We are holding insurance companies accountable and putting money back in the pockets of the middle class.

“There's more good news to come.  The Affordable Care Act is already offering essential protections to families, women, seniors, students, and children; as we fully implement the law, it will continue putting quality coverage in reach for the American people.”