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Pelosi Statement Following Bipartisan Briefing on Syria

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released this statement this evening following a bipartisan briefing via conference call on Syria:

"This evening's briefing was informative and beneficial.  For some of us, this was the third consultation with the Administration this week on the use of chemical weapons in Syria. 

"On the call, I agreed with Speaker Boehner and other Members who stated that there needs to be more consultation with all Members of Congress and additional transparency into the decision making process and timing, and that the case needs to be made to the American people.

"It is clear that the American people are weary of war.  However, Assad gassing his own people is an issue of our national security, regional stability and global security.  We must be clear that the United States rejects the use of chemical weapons by Assad or any other regime.

"What Assad has done is outside the realm of basic human rights.  On this evening’s call, I expressed my appreciation for the measured, targeted and limited approach the President may be considering.

"We were assured during the call there would be ongoing consultation with Congress."