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Pelosi: New Report Confirms Nearly Three-Quarters in the Individual Market Qualify for Help Making Their Coverage More Affordable

Washington, D.C. – House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the new report by Families USA that finds that nearly three-quarters of the people in the individual health insurance markets have family incomes that make them eligible for financial assistance under the Affordable Care Act, and that only one percent of the non-elderly population is at risk for losing their current individual health insurance market plan and not becoming income-eligible for financial help from the ACA:

“This new report demonstrates that the overwhelming majority of Americans currently in the individual health insurance market are eligible to pay less and get more under the Affordable Care Act.

“Previously, many of these individuals could never be sure that their insurance plan would be there for them and their families if they or someone in their family got sick or hurt.  If they hit the annual cap on their care, if they had a child with a pre-existing condition, if their insurer decided to hike premiums for no reason, they were out of luck and out of options.

“But thanks to the Affordable Care Act, nearly three-quarters of the Americans in the individual insurance market are now eligible for premium tax credits or Medicaid; soon these Americans will have access to quality, affordable coverage that will be there when they need it most.

“Millions of Americans are already seeing the benefits and protections of the Affordable Care Act.  This latest report shows just how much those in the individual insurance market are going to benefit too.”