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Pelosi Statement on Republican Comments on Immigration Reform Prospects

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement responding to recent statements by Republican leadership on the prospects of comprehensive immigration reform being brought up for a vote in the House this year:

“Workers, businesses, law enforcement, faith leaders, students and families across the nation are calling on the House to act on comprehensive immigration reform that will create jobs, energize our economy, spur innovation and restore confidence in who we are as a people.  Recent polling shows that more than eight in ten Americans support legislation that includes a pathway to citizenship – but House Republicans are busy inventing excuses to fail instead of reasons to act.  Speaker Boehner’s feeble attempt yesterday to blame President Obama is an abandonment of our Constitutional responsibility to legislate for the good of the American people. 

“It has been 225 days since the Senate passed bipartisan immigration reform legislation.  In the House, Democrats have introduced compromise, comprehensive immigration reform legislation founded on bipartisan principles that has garnered 196 cosponsors, but Republicans refuse to allow a vote. 

“Republicans should be candid about putting extremism ahead of the good of the country.  I hope that Speaker Boehner will overcome the dereliction of duty that is holding back his party and our nation, and seize this opportunity to work to enact the bipartisan immigration reform the American people need and deserve.”