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Pelosi Statement on GOP’s Continuing Resolution

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after House Republican leaders announced their decision to pull their continuing resolution from floor consideration:

“Today, the Republican record of dysfunction and disarray reached a new low.  Republican leaders spent all week pledging to jam through a temporary funding measure that defunds the Affordable Care Act, wreaks havoc on Medicare, and extends the life of the Republican sequester.  But division in their own ranks scuttled this latest gambit and upended this doomed strategy.

“The American people are witnessing yet another sign that Republicans can’t get their own act together, even when a government shutdown hangs in the balance.  Now, they’ve simply wasted more time on partisan political games while refusing to work with Democrats to achieve positive results for America’s families and middle class.

“Americans do not need another Republican-manufactured crisis.  Democrats agree.  We are committed to enacting a plan to end the sequester, create jobs, and grow the economy now.  It’s time for Republicans to work with us to keep the government’s doors open and get the job done.”