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Pelosi Statement on House Democratic Budget

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after Budget Committee Ranking Member Chris Van Hollen released the House Democratic budget proposal for fiscal year 2014:

“The Democratic budget is focused on our core priorities as a nation: creating jobs, growing the economy, strengthening the middle class, and reducing the deficit.  Our proposal puts one million more people to work this year than the Republican budget, while investing in education, energy, research, and infrastructure, and keeping our commitments to America’s seniors.  Our plan is fair, balanced, reasonable, and responsible.

“At the same time, the Ryan-Republican budget offers nothing more than more of the same Romney-Ryan policies rejected by American voters last fall.  Their proposal will cost two million jobs next year alone, stall our recovery, raise taxes on the middle class, and end the Medicare guarantee.  What Republicans call their ‘path to prosperity’ is really just a ‘path to pain’ – pain for the middle class, for working families and children, and for seniors.

“Our budget must always be a statement of our values, and only the Democratic budget advances our core national values of fairness, opportunity, and equality for all.  It’s time for Republicans to abandon their ideological agenda and work with Democrats on a budget that puts the American Dream in reach for all Americans.”