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Pelosi Statement on January Jobs Report

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced that the economy added 113,000 jobs, and the unemployment rate dropped to 6.6 percent. With businesses adding 142,000 jobs, January marks the 47th consecutive month of private sector job growth.

“Today’s jobs report shows our recovery continuing to move forward.  But it is clear there is more for Congress to do to create jobs and build an economy that works for everyone. 

“Too many Americans across the country are still struggling to find a job or make ends meet.  Republicans’ refusal to extend emergency unemployment insurance has cut 1.7 million Americans off from the lifeline they need to support their families through the crisis of unemployment – which in turn will cost the economy 240,000 jobs this year alone, making it even harder for the long-term unemployed to find work.  Republicans must end their indefensible opposition to restoring the critical economic security of emergency unemployment insurance to so many American families.

“Republicans should be working with Democrats on an opportunity agenda that creates jobs and empowers all Americans to achieve their full potential, not risking a historic default by stalling on raising the debt ceiling.  The last time Republicans indulged their partisan irresponsibility, they caused the Republican Government Shutdown that drained billions out of our economy.  Our nation simply cannot afford Republicans continuing to play politics with the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans.”