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Pelosi Statement on President Obama’s Speech at Knox College

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after President Obama delivered a speech, “A Better Bargain for the Middle Class,” at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois.

“Today, President Obama issued a clarion call to action on America’s top priorities: to create jobs, grow our economy, and build a thriving middle class.  His address focused on the cornerstones of middle class security – the urgent need for good jobs, a quality education, the ability to own a home, a secure retirement, affordable health care, and a living wage.

“House Democrats have already started to lay the groundwork for progress.  We launched an economic agenda for women and families – ‘When Women Succeed, America Succeeds’ – to secure equal pay, increase access to child care, and expand family and medical leave.  We put forward a budget that promotes growth and jobs, invests in innovation and infrastructure, and reduces the deficit.  We set forth an agenda founded on the basic principle advanced by President Obama today: that our economy works best when we grow from the middle out, not the top down.

“Right now, our economy is growing and Americans are going back to work.  But more must be done, and Americans deserve better than the Republicans’ repeal-only agenda.  It’s time for Republicans to join Democrats in establishing a better bargain for the middle class, reigniting the American Dream, and building ladders of opportunity for all.”