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Pelosi Statement on the Persian New Year

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today to mark Nowruz, the Persian New Year:

“The celebration of Nowruz marks the arrival of Spring – a new beginning, a new year, and a new season; a time for family and friends; an opportunity for Iranian Americans and millions worldwide to honor their heritage, take stock of the year that’s past, and look forward to success in the year to come.

“On this day, we recognize the achievements and contributions of the Iranian community in the United States.  Forced from the homes of their ancestors, faced with persecution and prejudice, Iranian Americans turned to our country for hope and opportunity, for progress and prosperity, for a place to rebuild their lives and live out their dreams.  Welcomed with open arms, they have since taken on leadership roles in business and government, in law and the arts, in medicine and education.  Their prominence is a tribute to our country’s promise of pluralism and diversity.

“In this season, it remains our hope that this Nowruz brings a renewed era of peace and partnership between the United States and the people of Iran.  We continue to call on Iran’s leaders to abandon a path of isolation, tear down barriers to negotiation and cooperation, and embrace and advance the human rights and dignity of all Iranian citizens.

“To all who celebrate Nowruz, to Iranians in America, to families across Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Pakistan, and elsewhere, we wish you a year of health and happiness.  Eid-eh Shoma Mobarak.”