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On Flint, A Year of Shameful Inaction from House GOP

It’s been a year. One year ago this week, our nation was awoken to the horrible gravity of the Flint Water Crisis. In an American city, thousands of children spent years drinking and bathing in poisoned water – and now, the children of Flint are facing lifelong damage from this man-made catastrophe.

‘Our Goals Are Identical’

At his joint press conference with House Republican Leadership this morning, Governor Mike Pence spelled it out in no uncertain terms: Paul Ryan and Donald Trump share the same goals, and they share the same vision.

Editorial Boards Slam GOP’s Shameful Obstruction on Zika

Nearly 19,000 Americans have confirmed cases of Zika – including more than 1,700 pregnant women. Yet shamefully, Republicans in Congress continue to prioritize their toxic assault on women’s health over fighting the Zika virus. Editorial boards agree: House Republicans need to stop putting their radical agenda ahead of enacting the emergency funding needed to protect American families from this urgent threat.

‘Give Me A Break’

With almost 17,000 Americans – including nearly 1,600 pregnant women – with confirmed cases of Zika, it’s American families who need a break from the callous obstruction of this Republican Congress.

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