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A New Direction for Hispanic Americans & Their Families

All Latinos deserve a real opportunity to achieve the American Dream, whether they have been here for generations or just arrived to our shores. House Democrats are working to promote the New Direction agenda that builds opportunity for all Americans, including millions of Latino families.
The values of Latinos - faith, family, and love of country - are American values. America is strengthened by the hard work and leadership of the Hispanic community.  While the most visible influence of Latinos is found in our culture - including music, sports, film, and food - Hispanic Americans are also a driving force in business, science, education, and politics. With every new generation of Latino leaders, our nation is enriched by the extrordinary contributions of Hispanic Americans.


On the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Now - 3/20/13

At the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce summit breakfast honoring the achievements of House Democratic Caucus Chairman Xavier Becerra, Leader Pelosi discusses the bipartisan effort in Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform:

"[W]e must strive to have as much bipartisanship as possible, to grow our economy, to keep America number one.  You come at a time when there are different views of what the role of government is in that respect.  You come at a time that is very difficult, no question about it.  But the fact is, is that the good news is that we really do think that on one issue, that has been brought up, on the immigration issue, that we will, before summer, have comprehensive immigration reform.  You know the expression: ’your vote is your voice?’  Well that vote was a voice for immigration reform, it spoke very eloquently to the strength of the Hispanic community in our country.  And because of you, and because of that, we will do something that strengthens our democracy. ...

“Every immigrant who comes with those aspirations really honors the values of our – family values, values of community, values of education, values of faith – everything you can name about what makes America strong, well these immigrants come with their hope, their determination, their optimism to make the future better.  They participate in what has been called the American Dream and every one of them, whether they came 200 years ago, or two days ago, every one of these immigrants, in that respect, makes America more American."

Recognizing Hispanic Heritage Month - 9/14/12

Leader Pelosi issued the following statement in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“During Hispanic Heritage month, we celebrate the dynamic and lasting contributions of the Latino community to our nation.  We take pride that Hispanic Americans are serving with great patriotism in our Armed Forces and devoting their lives to public service. 

“In observing Hispanic Heritage Month, we dedicate ourselves to the values that strengthen America and the diversity that make our nation great. 

“As we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we also acknowledge the leadership of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus – led by Chairman Charlie Gonzalez.  The CHC has always stood at the forefront of progress.  It is because of the CHC that we celebrated a proud and hopeful day last month when the Obama Administration’s took action for the DREAMers – young people, American in every way, except on paper.

“This month we honor the Hispanic community for their strong commitment to family and faith, to education and work.  Their values make America more American.”

Roundtable with Latino Small Business Owners - 10/20/11
Leader Pelosi held a roundtable with San Francisco Latino small business owners to discuss President Obama's American Jobs Act, House Democrats' Make It In America initiative, and how Congress can best help small businesses grow and hire.

@NancyPelosi: Hearing from #SF Latino business community on how we can best serve small biz:

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Pelosi Celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month - 9/15/11

Washington, D.C. - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today in recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month, which begins today, September 15, and runs through October 15:

“During Hispanic Heritage month, we honor our country's vibrant Latino community.  The rich contributions of Latinos throughout America's history is a source of pride, and of strength, to our nation. 

“Whether serving with great patriotism in our Armed Forces or in public service, succeeding in business and in the arts, or preserving and sharing their culture, Hispanics make America more American. 

“During Hispanic Heritage Month we celebrate a fundamental truth: the Hispanic dream is the American dream.   Hispanics enrich our nation with their commitment to family and faith, education and work.  This month, we celebrate their contributions as part of the rich tapestry of our nation. 

“To honor the character of America, we must pass comprehensive immigration reform. Last year, in one of our proudest moments, Democrats passed the DREAM Act in the House of Representatives.  Even though the legislation received a majority vote in the Senate, it did not meet the Senate's 60-vote requirement.  I remain committed to working with President Obama and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle in Congress to enact the DREAM Act into law.”

Casa Bonampak - 8/25/11

Leader Pelosi joined women small business owners at Casa Bonampak in the Mission District of San Francisco for a roundtable to discuss job creation, job security, and health security for America's women and their families. The event was hosted by Women's Initiative and Working Solutions, two nonprofit organizations working to train and assist other entrepreneurs; enabling women to become self-sufficient, independent, and empowered. Together, women business owners make San Francisco's economy stronger, more diverse, and more dynamic.

Leader Nancy Pelosi at Casa Bonampak in San Francisco

Leader Pelosi on Fighting for the DREAM Act - 6/22/11

For the YouTube Town Hall, Leader Pelosi answers the question:
'There are millions of undocumented individuals living in the United States, many of whom were brought to the US as children. Is enacting the DREAM Act a viable way for these individuals to be granted citizenship?'

The DREAM Act is common-sense legislation to give hundreds of thousands of young people who call our nation home and strive to take part in the American dream a chance. This bill affords young people brought to our country without a choice the chance to earn legal status--strengthening our national security by enhancing military recruitment, and bolstering our workforce, our economy, and our global competitiveness.

Leader Pelosi strongly supports the DREAM Act - in fact, under her Speakership, the House passed the bill last year by a vote of 216-198. The bill failed to advance in the Senate.

Watch video from the House floor debate of the DREAM Act»

Pelosi Statement on the Passing of Richard Estrada Chavez - 3/31/11

Washington, D.C. - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the passing of Richard Estrada Chavez, longtime leader of California's farm worker movement:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends, and loved ones of Richard Chavez today.  Richard dedicated his life to improving the lives of others - fighting for the rights of workers, leading the charge for good wages and safe working conditions, building the United Farm Workers and the labor movement into a force for positive change in California and across the country.

“Richard was a worker, an organizer, and a visionary leader.  Alongside his brother, Cesar, he raised awareness of the plight of farm workers through boycotts and marches, and stirred communities to action.  With the UFW eagle, he gave us an image that will long stand as more than a logo of a single union, but as a symbol of progress, hope, and prosperity for the millions of Americans who benefited from his work.

“Our nation is a better, fairer place to work because of the struggle and success of Richard Chavez.  We hope it is a comfort to his longtime partner, Dolores Huerta, his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that so many share in their grief today.”

Pelosi Statement on Cesar Chavez's 84th Birthday - 3/31/11

Washington, D.C. - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in honor of the 84th anniversary of Cesar Chavez's birthday:

\xe2\x80\xaa“Cesar Chavez spent his life leading the charge for justice, equality, and civil rights; for the rights of workers and the underprivileged; for fair wages and decent benefits; and for securing a bright economic future for working families.  Through acts of non-violence - boycotts, fasts, and marches - he scored important victories for farm workers.  Through his advocacy, his words, and his moral authority - through the battles he fought and won - he strengthened our entire nation.

“Over the course of his life, Cesar Chavez' work gave meaning to a long-standing fundamental truth: that the values of Hispanic Americans are the same as those of all Americans; that the aspirations of the Hispanic community are the same as those of every community in America.  By his actions, he reminded all Americans that the desire to work hard, succeed, and build a better future for our children rests at the core of Hispanic American life - just as it stands at the center of America's prosperity and progress.

“As we celebrate what would have been his 84th birthday, we recall the inspiring words of Cesar Chavez: ‘We have seen the future, and the future is ours.'

\xe2\x80\xaa“As the struggle for workers' rights continues in state capitals and local communities today, we pledge to take hold of our own future - grasping the opportunities Chavez secured for the generations that followed; rededicating ourselves to the causes he championed; committed to realizing the American dream for all.”


All Latinos deserve a real opportunity to achieve the American Dream, whether they have been here for generations or just arrived to our shores. House Democrats are working to promote an agenda that builds opportunity for all Americans, including millions of Latino families.