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Pelosi: 'The CHC will lead the charge for opportunity, equality, and prosperity for Hispanic Americans'

Washington, D.C. - Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today in recognition of the new session of the Hispanic Congressional Caucus:

'In November, the American people went to the polls and demanded change.  Nothing represents change more than diversity in the halls of power.  Today we have sworn in 22 members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, including two new ones.  We welcome Albio Sires, and we welcome back our dear friend and former CHC chair Ciro Rodriguez.  They will invigorate our debate and enrich our work.

'We are members of the most diverse caucus in the Congress, and with the most diverse leadership in Congressional history.  We are proud to call two members of the CHC Chairman and Chairwoman - Silvestre Reyes, and Nydia Velasquez. 

'I was so proud to appoint Congressman Xavier Becerra as Assistant to the Speaker.  His keen intellect and substantive policy expertise will be crucial in charting a new course for America's working families. 

'As Chair of the Women's Caucus during the 109th Congress, Congresswoman Hilda Solis has been a tireless advocate.  I know she will continue her great leadership as Vice Chair of the Steering and Policy Committee.

'I would like to thank outgoing Chairwoman Congresswoman Grace Napolitano for her leadership in the 109th Congress.  She has followed in the footsteps of the great CHC Chairs who came before her.  Congratulations to the new Chair Congressman Joe Baca - I look forward to working with him.  The door to the Speaker's office is always open to the members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. 

'The members of the CHC will all help lead the charge for opportunity, equality, and prosperity for Hispanic Americans and indeed, all Americans. 

'In his inaugural address as Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa issued a call that I reiterate today: 'Let's do something big...Let's raise our eyes skyward. Let's imagine the pinnacles that we can reach together'.  My friends, let us begin now.'