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Speaker Pelosi Joins Hispanic Caucus to Celebrate Día de los Niños

Washington, DC - Today, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC), Chair Joe Baca released the following statement celebrating 'Día de los Niños.'

In 1959, the United Nations' General Assembly met with the sole purpose of reaffirming universal rights for children, consecrating fraternity and understanding between the children of the world, and recommending a day to promote the welfare of the children of the world.

'As we celebrate 'Día de los Niños', let us renew our commitment to our nation's future, our children.  Everything we do here in Congress should be done with our children in mind so that all of America's children will be able to grow and prosper in a safe and secure environment,' House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.  'At our National Summit on America's Children in Washington, D.C. on May 22, Members of Congress from both parties will explore new approaches to early childhood development so that our policies provide our children with the opportunity to meet their full potential as the next generation of leaders.'

'Día de los Niños reminds us of a higher responsibility to stand up for those who too often cannot protect themselves.  This is a responsibility that the CHC takes very seriously,' said Congressman Joe Baca, Chair of the CHC. 'Too many of our nation's children continue to live in substandard conditions.  We must change that through increased access to quality education and healthcare, which are the essential building blocks in a child's life. The CHC has always worked to provide a better future for all of America's youth, and we will continue to stand up for their rights in Congress.'

The CHC has a long history of advocating on behalf of our nation's children.  In our first 100 Hours, we have passed measures to make college more affordable for our young people.  This Congress, the CHC will continue to work to address health disparities, and reduce of the number of uninsured children through SCHIP re-authorization.  The CHC has also endorsed an increase in funding for education. This includes supporting the Improving Head Start Act to increase access to Head Start, and supporting the Graduation for All Act to address the alarmingly high drop-out rate in the Latino community.