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Avisos de Prensa

El Congresista Silvestre Reyes de Tejas, veterano de la guerra en Vietnam y el Presidente del comité selecto de inteligencia de la cámara de representantese, dio la respuesta Demócrata en Español al discurso del Presidente sobre Irak.
September 13, 2007
Speaker Nancy Pelosi released a statement on immigration enforcement measures announced by the Bush Administration.
August 10, 2007
'Today, Republicans in the Senate had an historic chance to act in the interests of the American people, but chose not to. Although the immigration bill before the Senate was far from perfect, it would have served as a starting point to address this critical issue for our nation.'
June 28, 2007
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sent the following letter to the Members of the 46th Mexico-U.S. Interparliamentary Group. Their first meeting took place in Austin, Texas, this weekend.
June 9, 2007
'The community is going to have to be mobilized as you always have been in order for us to be true to who we are - family values being an important in America, family reunification being central to our immigration policy.'
May 22, 2007
'Today I join my colleagues of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to reiterate House Democrats' commitment to comprehensive immigration reform. The time to pass comprehensive immigration reform is now.'
May 17, 2007
'These distinguished friends have each made significant contributions toward safeguarding the rights of immigrants through litigation, outreach, and education.'
May 15, 2007
'In honor of Cinco de Mayo, I am pleased to announce Members of the U.S.-Mexico Interparliamentary Group for the 110th Congress. The expertise and leadership of these Members will be crucial to House Democrats' efforts to take our bi-national relationship in a new direction.'
May 4, 2007