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Affordable Health Care for America Act

Affordable Health Care For America Act

Please note, this webpage is on the outdated House-passed health insurance reform legislation (The Affordable Health Care For America Act) - visit the updated Health Insurance Reform page for current information on the bill passed by both the House and Senate and signed into law by President Obama on March 23rd at»

The three panels with jurisdiction over health policy in the House worked together as one committee to develop a single bill to fulfill President Obama's goals of reducing health care costs, protecting and increasing consumers' choices, and guaranteeing access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

On February 25th, House and Senate leaders of both parties met with President Obama at the Blair House to discuss moving forward with comprehensive health reform. Without reform, the cost of health care for the average family of four is projected to rise $1,800 every year for years to come--and insurance companies will make more health care decisions. America's middle class deserves better and we're closer than ever to making reform a reality.

As we go forward, our reform efforts must pass the Triple-A test, reaching our three key goals: affordability for the middle class, accessibility for all Americans, and accountability for the insurance industry. House leaders are committed to working with Members of the House, the Senate, and the Obama Administration to send health insurance reform legislation to the President's desk as soon as possible. 

Here's what the Affordable Health Care for America Act means for you:


  • No more co-pays or deductibles for preventive care
  • No more rate increases for pre-existing conditions, gender, or occupation
  • An annual cap on your out-of-pocket expenses
  • Group rates of a national pool if you buy your own plan
  • Guaranteed, affordable oral, hearing, and vision care for your kids


  • Keep your doctor, and your current plan, if you like them
  • More choice, with a high quality public health insurance option competing with private insurers


  • You and your doctors make health care decisions -- not insurance companies
  • More family doctors and nurses will enter the workforce, helping guarantee access
  • Mental health care must be covered


  • No more coverage denials for pre-existing conditions
  • No more lifetime limits on how much insurance companies will pay
  • No reason to ever make a job or life decision again based on health care coverage

Legislative Text and Summaries

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What's In It For You?

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