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On the Floor

On November 4th, the House is passed H.R. 3639, the Expedited CARD Reform for Consumers Act to speed up the credit card reforms. This bill will move up the effective date for nearly all of the credit card reforms to December 1, 2009 and marks another step forward in bringing consumers badly-needed relief. If abusive practices by the credit card industry had not accelerated with passage of the law, there would be no need to move up the implementation date.
On November 7th, the House passed the Affordable Health Care for America Act (H.R. 3962) by a vote of 220-215.
On October 22nd, the House passed H.R. 3585, Solar Technology Roadmap Act, to strengthen the American solar technology industry through a coordinated research and development program and public-private partnerships.
On October 21st, the House passed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act (S.1793), reauthorizing the Ryan White program for four years. The Ryan White program has been serving people with AIDS and HIV for nearly two decades.
Congress has been debating federal hate crimes legislation for more than a decade and it was nearly 11 years ago that Matthew Shepard was brutally murdered. The time for debate is long over. On October 8th, the House passed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act as part of the conference report on Defense Authorization for FY 2010 (HR 2647). In April, the House passed these provisions on a bipartisan basis by a vote of 249 to 175.
On October 7th, the House passed the conference report of the Agriculture Appropriations bill (H.R. 2997), making key investments in public health, food safety, rural communities, conservation and other priorities.
On October 8th, the House passed two key measures - the Veterans Health Care Budget Reform and Transparency Act to ensure sufficient, timely and predictable veterans funding and the Service Members Home Ownership Tax Act, to help service members take full advantage of homebuyer incentives.
On September 25th, the House passed the conference report on H.R. 2918, Legislative Branch Appropriations for FY 2010. The measure includes the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government through October 31.
On September 24th, the House passed the Medicare Premium Fairness Act (HR 3631), to protect 11 million seniors and cash-strapped states from unfair increases in their 2010 Medicare Part B premiums. These hikes would directly threaten the pocketbooks of 4 million new enrollees and retirees, as well as state budgets, which cover premiums for 7 million low-income seniors.
On September 22nd, the House passed the Unemployment Compensation Extension Act (H.R. 3548) to provide up to 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to workers in high unemployment states who are about to run out of benefits. While we continue working to turn the economy around, the New Direction Congress is committed to providing much-needed relief to the millions of unemployed American workers, as they struggle to find work.