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On the Floor

On April 1st, the House passed Federal Retirement Reform/Making Further Progress in Ending Military Families Tax, H.R. 1804. This bill contains a key provision that fulfills an objective of military family advocates by making further progress in ending the Military Families Tax, which unfairly penalizes the 55,000 survivors, most of them widows, of those who died as a result of their service-connected injuries.
On March 31st, the House passed the Free Flow of Information Act, H.R. 985 - a critical bill that provides a federal media shield. The bill would provide journalists with a qualified privilege as to sources and information, while at the same time, recognizing the need for effective law enforcement and robust national security.
On March 30th, the House passed three bills to provide earned benefits and crucial services to our veterans, who have served with honor and bravery. These measures provide a cost of living increase for veterans' disability benefits, expand employment services for homeless veterans, and fully reimburse veterans for emergency care.
On April 29th, the House passed the Budget Conference Report (S.Con.Res. 13) by a vote of 233-193. The budget makes important investments to strengthen our economy and our country while cutting the deficit by nearly two-thirds by 2013. On April 2nd, the House passed the initial FY 2010 Budget Resolution, H.Con.Res. 85.
On March 25th, the House passed a measure to strengthen oversight of the financial stability fund known as TARP (S. 383). This critical accountability measure was signed into law on April 25th.
On March 26, the House passed the Federal Land Assistance, Management and Enhancement (FLAME) Act, H.R. 1404. The bill creates a federal FLAME fund for catastrophic, emergency wildland fire suppression activities to be used when annually appropriated funds run out.
On March 25, the House agreed to the Senate amendments to the Omnibus Public Land Management Act, H.R. 146. This is the most significant conservation measure to be enacted by Congress in the last 15 years. On March 30, President Obama signed this bill into law.
As a result of extraordinary abuses of the public trust by companies rewarding employees with excessive compensation while receiving billions in taxpayer assistance, on March 19th the House passed HR 1586 to hold companies, including American International Group (AIG), accountable for the bonuses that were paid to their executives.
On March 31, the House passed the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, H.R. 1388 - legislation that launches a new era of service that will give Americans of all ages an opportunity to invest through service in our nation's recovery.
On March 12, the House passed the Water Quality Investment Act, H.R. 1262, which makes a number of key investments to improve water quality and better ensure safe, clean water for all Americans.