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On the Floor

On June 16th, the House passed H.R. 2112, FY 2012 Agriculture Appropriations bill by a vote of 217-203. Overall, this bill provides $17.25 billion in discretionary spending for FY 2012, $2.9 billion below this year and $5 billion below the Administration's request.
The American people have been telling the GOP they need relief at the gas pump, not the Republican budget plan that ends Medicare as we know it to give tax breaks and other subsidies to Big Oil. On May 11th and 12th, the House passed two more of the GOP's 'Drill Only' energy bills that will not bring down prices at the pump, rather than voting to end the Exxon earmarks.
By a vote of 266-149, the House passed H.R. 1230 on May 5th. The bill is a blatant political attempt to use rising gasoline prices as an excuse to grant enormous, multi-national energy companies access to the Gulf with less oversight - rushing lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico with unreasonable time limits and without proper environmental review.
After voting in April to end Medicare as we know it for seniors, on May 3rd Republicans voted to reduce access to health care for small businesses and uninsured Americans. H.R. 1213, Repeal of Grants to States to Set Up Health Insurance Exchanges, passed by a vote of 238-183. Repeal of funding for Exchanges would deny states the necessary funding to establish the new health insurance marketplaces and undermine the work they have done to implement exchanges.
On May 4th, the House passed H.R. 3, an unprecedented, radical Republican bill that restricts women's access to health care by a vote of 251-175. For the first time, this legislation places restrictions on how women with private insurance can spend private dollars in purchasing health insurance.
After voting in April to end Medicare as we know it for seniors, on May 4th Republicans passed a bill by a vote of 235-191 to reduce access to health care for young people (H.R. 1214, Repeal of Grants for Construction of School-Based Health Centers). This bill would repeal grants for construction, renovation and equipment of school-based health centers and rescind unobligated balances. These funds support the improvement and expansion of health centers in schools across the country to improve access to primary care health care services for children and adolescents.
Despite the fact that Americans overwhelmingly believe (78%) that the EPA should protect the air we breathe and the water we drink with safeguards that hold corporate polluters accountable, House Republicans passed the Upton-Inhofe bill (H.R. 910) by a vote of 255-172 on April 7th to weaken our ability to ensure clean air and a healthier environment for our children, by eliminating every tool that the EPA has to address serious public health threats from carbon pollution.
House Republicans passed the GOP FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act (H.R. 658) on April 1st by a vote of 223-196. The bill will destroy 70,000 American jobs, with $4 billion in cuts that will have dire consequences for our Nation's infrastructure, jobs, and economy. The aviation industry accounts for nearly 11 million American jobs, and $1.2 trillion in annual economic activity.
Instead of bringing up bills to create jobs, Republicans continue to bring up bills to push their ideological agenda. The last week in March marks week 13 of the GOP Congress, and the Republicans have still brought no jobs bills to the House Floor. Instead, they are bringing up H.R. 471, Private School Vouchers for DC, introduced by Speaker John Boehner, which increases the deficit, violates House GOP legislative rules, reauthorizes and expands an expired program that had failed to improve student achievement, and tramples on home rule for the District of Columbia.
This week, Republicans continue to put partisan politics ahead of Americans' top priority - jobs. Republicans are bringing the HAMP Termination Act (H.R. 839) to the floor this week which will cut off a lifeline to struggling, middle class homeowners.