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Blocking the Congressional Pay Raise for 2011

On April 27, the House passed a bill to block the annual cost-of-living adjustment for the salaries of Members of Congress in 2011 (HR 5146) - saving taxpayers about a million dollars.  The Senate passed identical legislation (S. 3244) denying the automatic $1,600 pay raise on April 22nd by voice vote. 

This would continue the current pay freeze already in place for 2010. In these tough economic times, with so many families struggling to make ends meet, Congress will not give itself pay raise. Instead, Congress is focusing on getting people back to work, shoring up the economy, and keeping our families and communities safe.

Congressional Republicans threaten to take us back to the failed policies that created the economic crisis -- siding with the special interests:  Wall Street banks, credit card companies, Big Oil, and insurance companies. These economic and fiscal policies brought us the Bush Recession - the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression -- with job losses of nearly 800,000 a month--and nearly doubled our national debt. Democrats in Congress will continue to take America in a New Direction, working to create American jobs and a strong new foundation for our economy, protecting Main Street and the middle class