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Campaign Transparency

On July 23, 2007, the House passed the Campaign Expenditure Transparency Act, H.R. 2630, which will raise the bar on ethical standards in Congress by ending the practice of allowing federal office holders and candidates to employ their spouses in their campaign. This legislation is sponsored by Rep. Adam Schiff.

In addition to amending campaign finance laws to prohibit employing spouses, it would require the disclosure of all other immediate family members who are employed by the candidate's campaign. A particularly egregious practice that this legislation bans involves the spouse of an elected official earning commissions for fundraising activity.  In those situations, the candidate or elected official personally pockets a percentage of all campaign funds raised by their spouse.

The Campaign Expenditure Transparency Act will increase transparency in campaigns, and is part of the Democratic-led Congress' broader agenda to change the way Washington does business. We are cleaning up the culture of corruption, and this legislation is a critical part of the solution to restore the public's confidence that their elected representatives are working on behalf of the people's interests, and not their own.

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