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Continuing Resolution/Legislative Branch Conference Report

On September 25th, the House passed the conference report on H.R. 2918, Legislative Branch Appropriations for FY 2010.  The measure includes the Continuing Resolution (CR) to fund the federal government through October 31. 

While the House has passed all 12 appropriations bills on time, the Senate has not. These bills make key investments in health care, clean energy, education, financial oversight, and science and innovation to get our economy moving and are fiscally responsible:

  • $10 billion below the President's request
  • Invests in strengthening oversight and rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Cuts or eliminates more than 250 programs from 2009

With the fiscal year ending September 30th, Congress must pass a one month continuing resolution (CR) that will ensure that all necessary and vital functions of government may continue uninterrupted until the full Congress completes its work on the annual appropriations bills. The CR will fund the bulk of Federal government programs at FY09 levels, providing an increase in veterans health care needed for the many veterans returning from the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, ramping up funding for the upcoming 2010 Census, and extending authorizations for a handful of expiring programs (such as stop loss payment to troops, surface transportation and FAA, child nutrition, and housing).

The Legislative Branch conference report is noncontroversial and bipartisan, holding spending to a fiscally responsible 3.5% increase (far below the 14.5 percent request), with increases dedicated to enhancing security and upgrading government services and access to government information (GAO, CBO, Library of Congress).