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Intelligence Authorization

On May 11, 2007, the House passed the Intelligence Authorization Bill (HR 2082), which will make new investments in intelligence personnel and enhance oversight of how intelligence is carried out.

Specifically, the legislation:

  • Makes new investments in Human Intelligence training and adds funds for sending analysts overseas
  • Enhances oversight, eliminates wasteful spending, and requires additional information where it is necessary
  • Requests quarterly intelligence updates on Iran and North Korea's nuclear programs
  • Asks for reports on the use of contractors in the intelligence community
  • Requires the creation of a multi-level security clearance system and requires the Director of National Intelligence to develop a strategic plan to increase diversity
  • Addresses the global climate crisis and requests a new estimate on how this crisis may affect America's national security

This legislation authorizes intelligence funding for all U.S. intelligence agencies, including our military intelligence organizations. Every aspect of national security - from stopping weapons of mass destruction, to locating terror cells, to helping the warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, to dealing with over-the-horizon challenges posed by Iran, North Korea, North Africa, Russia, China, and Latin America - requires stronger, better intelligence. We are ensuring that intelligence is collected, analyzed, and disseminated in accordance with our laws, policies, and values as a nation.

For the past two years, Congress had failed to produce an intelligence authorization bill - but the new Democratic-led Congress is working to pass a bill that will be passed by the full House and Senate, and signed by President. We have approached this effort in a bipartisan way - and put the national security interests of our nation first. The American people deserve no less than the best possible intelligence.