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Legislation of the 112th Congress

It's been more than 250 days since the GOP took control of the House, and Americans are still asking: Where are the jobs, House Republicans?

The middle class is hurting, and the Republicans' only answer is a plan to end Medicare and give tax breaks to Big Oil and companies that ship jobs overseas.

Learn more about the legislation the House has considered this Congress:

The Republican Default Act»

H.R. 1315 - Assault on Consumer Protections»

H.R. 2560 - GOP Cut, Cap & End Medicare Act»

H.R. 2018 - Undermining Clean Water»

H.R. 1309 - Flood Insurance»

H.R. 2417 - BULB Act»

H.R. 2219 - Defense Appropriations»

H.R. 2021 - More Giveaways to Big Oil, Not Lower Gas Prices»

H.R. 672 - Ending the Election Assistance Commission (EAC)»

H.R. 2112 - FY 2012 Agriculture Appropriations Bill»

H.R. 2055 - FY 2012 Military Construction/VA Appropriations Bill»

H.R. 1229 & H.R. 1231 - More Gifts To Big Oil»

H.R. 1230 - A Gift to Big Oil»

Restricting Women's Access to Health Care»

Reducing Access to Health Care For Small Businesses & Uninsured»

Reducing Access to Health Care for Young People»   

Upton-Inhofe Weaken Clean Air Act»

The FAA Job Loss Bill»

DC Private School Vouchers»

HAMP Termination Act»

GOP Spending Bill»

Build America Bonds»

GOP Patients' Rights Repeal Bill»

H.R. 359 - Placing Control of Our Elections More Squarely Into the Hands of Special Interests»

Learn more about Democratic motions the House has considered this Congress:
On certain bills, House Democrats are allowed to offer a Motion to Recommit amending the pending bill before the final passage vote.  Democrats have offered many motions this Congress ranging from increasing combat pay for our troops to protecting Social Security and Medicare benefits.

Democratic Motions to Recommit in the 112th Congress»