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Motions To Recommit-112th Congress

Bill Date Motion to Recommit (MTR) Text Vote (Y-N)
H.R. 4628 4/27/12 The Motion to Recommit would protect health insurance benefits for women and children by prohibiting the underlying bill from reducing coverage or raising costs for healthcare benefits offered by insurance companies, including benefits such as contraception, mammograms, cervical cancer screenings, childhood immunizations, and health screenings for newborns. Read more on the Gavel» .pdf» 178-231
H.R. 3523 4/26/12 The Motion to Recommit would protect the privacy of Internet passwords by prohibiting employers and the Federal Government from requiring the disclosure of confidential passwords by an employee or job applicant. It would also protect freedom of expression on the Internet by prohibiting the Federal Government from establishing a national firewall similar to the “Great Internet Firewall of China.” .pdf» 183-233
H.R. 9 4/19/12 House Republicans brought another tax giveaway for the rich and famous to the floor. The Motion to Recommit would, unlike the underlying GOP bill, prevent the tax deduction from allowing companies to ship jobs overseas. It would also prevent the tax deduction from being used on income from prostitution, pornography, drug trafficking, lobbying, golf courses that discriminate based on sex or race, or by taxpayers who violate Iran sanctions. Further, any Member of Congress taking the deduction would have to disclose the deduction amount and type of business income from which it came. .pdf» 179-229
H.R. 4348 4/18/12

Congress has a firm responsibility to invest taxpayer dollars where they will do the most good: to create jobs at home and rebuild America. Yet, even as Republicans have sworn off earmarks and unnecessary spending, H.R. 4348 sends taxpayer dollars beyond our borders and keeps funding pet projects. The Motion to Recommit would prohibit the use of Highway Trust Fund revenues from being used for the construction of highways in foreign countries, and rescinds over $12 million in funds available for a road in Canada. It would also eliminate a $3.7 billion corridor earmark under the Appalachian Development Highway System program.

.pdf» 176-242
H.R. 4089 4/17/12 The Motion to Recommit would authorize funds for the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to effectively enforce oversight of the oil market to combat speculation, and market manipulation. Experts believes that Wall Street speculators are to blame for as much as nearly 20% of the increase in gas prices, which are up 62 cents a gallon in this year alone. It would also prohibit Members from engaging in hunting or fishing trips on Federal land paid for by registered lobbyists. .pdf» 160-261
H.R. 3309 3/27/12

The Motion to Recommit prohibits the underlying bill from limiting the ability of the FCC to adopt a rule or amend an existing rule to protect online privacy including requirements that prohibit licensees or regulated entities from mandating that job applicants or employees disclose confidential passwords to social networking sites like Facebook. Read more on the Gavel»

.pdf» 184-236
H.R. 5 3/22/12

The Motion to Recommit would prohibit ending the Medicare guarantee, turning Medicare into a voucher program, and increasing costs and reducing benefits for seniors and people with disabilities. 

.pdf» 180-229
H.R. 2087 3/20/12

The Motion to Recommit would prohibit the federal land that has been transferred to Accomack County, VA for unrestricted economic development purposes in the underlying bill, from being used for adult entertainment or by foreign governments. 

.pdf» 180-226
H.R. 3606 3/8/12

The Motion to Recommit would require emerging growth companies to publicly disclose to the Federal Election Commission any political expenditures or contributions made during a fiscal year.

.pdf» 170-244
H.R. 2842 3/7/12

The Motion to Recommit would require that all materials used to install conduit hydropower generation under this Act to be manufactured in the United States. 

.pdf» 182-237
H.R. 1837 2/29/12

The Motion to Recommit adds a savings clause that prohibits the underlying bill from preempting or superseding state law, including state water law.

.pdf» 178-248
H.R. 2117 2/28/12

The Motion to Recommit prohibits the underlying bill from limiting the Secretary of Education from promulgating or enforcing any regulation under title IV of the Higher Education Act for the purpose of reducing the cost of higher education for students or during any year in which the interest rate for subsidized Direct Federal Stafford Loans used to purchase credit hours is higher than 3.4 percent. 

.pdf» 176-241
H.R. 3408 2/16/12

The Motion to Recommit would prohibit Federal or State permits or leases from being issued for new oil and gas slant, directional or offshore drilling in, under or within 5 miles of any of the Great Lakes or the Florida Everglades.

.pdf» 176-241
H.R. 3581 2/7/12

The Motion to Recommit would exempt loans for students or veterans from appearing more expensive for budget purposes due to changes in the underlying bill. 

.pdf» 190-238
H.R. 1734 2/7/12 The Motion to Recommit would require that the Civilian Property Realignment Commission, created in the underlying bill, exclude from their consideration properties owned by the Department of Veterans Affairs or used in connection with providing services for veterans, including hospitals, clinics, and facilities that provide job training, post traumatic stress disorder treatment, housing assistance, homeless services and rehabilitative care.   .pdf» 186-238
H.R. 3578 2/3/12

The Motion to Recommit would exempt Pell Grants and education programs for students, health benefits for seniors, veterans benefits, NIH and research to cure cancer, from changes in the underlying bill.

.pdf» 177-238
H.R. 3582 2/2/12 The Motion to Recommit would require the Director of CBO to prepare for each bill or resolution reported by any committee of either Chamber an impact analysis of the budgetary effects major legislation would have on Medicare benefits, Beneficiaries and the Social Security and Medicare trust funds. .pdf» 183-237
H.R. 1173 2/1/12 The Motion to Recommit would prohibit the repeal of the CLASS Act from taking effect until the Secretary of Health and Human Services certifies that a national voluntary long-term care insurance program is in place for people who have Alzheimer's disease, chronic diabetes, heart disease, cancer, disability or other serious diseases or health conditions. .pdf» 175-247
H.R. 1540 12/14/11

The Motion to Recommit would strike the section of the conference report regarding the determination of whether TRICARE network providers are considered subcontractors. By striking this section, the Motion to Recommit would guarantee that providers are afforded labor protections for civil rights, disabilities, and veterans. 

.pdf» 183-234
H.R. 3630 12/13/11

The Motion to Recommit would provide a 3.1% payroll tax cut, an expansion beyond the Republican bill's 2% cut, paid for by a surtax on millionaires.  This will not affect the Social Security Trust Fund, which is held harmless for the lost revenue. The Motion to Recommit would also prevent insider trading by Members of Congress by enacting the STOCK Act into law and freezes Member pay.

.pdf» 183-244
H.R. 1633 12/8/11

The Motion to Recommit prohibits the underlying bill from limiting the EPA Administrator from proposing, finalizing, implementing and enforcing any regulation under the Clean Air Act relating to emissions in particulate form of cadmium, lead or asbestos released from mining activities and from demolition and renovation.

.pdf» 166-252
H.R. 10 12/7/11

The Motion to Recommit would exempt any rule regarding country of origin labeling from the underlying bill.  This would protect consumer's right to know the country of origin of the retail food products they purchase.

.pdf» 183-235
H.R. 3010 12/2/11

The Motion to Recommit ensures (1) the Administration may continue to issue new regulations or revise existing regulations to reduce costs or increase coverage for pharmaceuticals and other health services for seniors; and (2) the Secretaries of HHS, VA and DOD can continue efforts to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.

.pdf» 186-233
H.R. 527 12/1/11

The Motion to Recommit prohibits additional rulemaking procedures that would slow down veteran's job creation and hiring.

.pdf» 188-233
H.R. 3463 12/1/11 The Motion to Recommit would require the continued protection of elderly, disabled and military voters, notwithstanding the termination of the Election Assistance Commission .pdf» 190-236
H.R. 3094 11/30/11

The Motion to Recommit would amend the National Labor Relations Act by adding provisions that ensure a level playing field for employees, fair and equal access to voters prior to an election, and discourages outsourcing of jobs. 

.pdf» 185-239
H.R. 822 11/16/11

The Motion to Recommit would limit state reciprocity for carrying a gun for child sex offenders, domestic violence offenders and known or suspected terrorists. 

.pdf» 161-263
H.R. 2838 11/15/11

The Motion to Recommit would prohibit the Coast Guard from awarding a contract to anyone convicted of fraud or other criminal offenses including embezzlement theft, forgery, bribery, falsification or destruction of records, making false statements, tax evasion, violating criminal tax laws, or receiving stolen property.  

.pdf» 189-235
H.R. 2940 11/3/11

The Motion to Recommit would prohibit those who have been convicted of fraud in connection with a financial transaction, including predatory lending to a veteran, from offering or selling securities under the bill's new rules.  

.pdf» 190-236
H.R. 2930 11/3/11

The Motion to Recommit prohibits an intermediary (e.g., a bank or broker/dealer) from participating in a crowdfunding transaction if they are doing business with the Iranian government. 

.pdf» 187-237
H.R. 674 10/27/11

The Motion to Recommit would deny relief to companies found delinquent in paying their federal taxes.  

.pdf» 183-235
H.R. 1904 10/26/11

The Motion to Recommit would  prevent land exchanges with companies doing business with Iran. 

.pdf» 187-237
H.R. 2273 10/14/11

The Motion to Recommit would implement a warning system  in the event of a catastrophic failure at a coal ash disposal site.  Under this amendment, the EPA Administrator must require the owner or operator of a surface coal ash disposal site,  such as a disposal pile or lagoon,  to equip such site with a sufficient system to monitor for, and notify the public of a potentially hazardous condition that could lead to failure of the site's ability to contain coal ash. In the event that a potentially hazardous condition develops that could lead to such a failure, the person owning or operating the site would be required to  immediately take action to eliminate the potentially, hazardous condition, notify State and local first responders and notify, prepare to evacuate, and evacuate, if necessary, local residents that may be affected by the hazardous condition. 

.pdf» 172-238
H.R. 2250 10/13/11

The Motion to Recommit would protect seniors from life threatening air pollution, by requiring the EPA Administrator to not delay action to reduce air pollution from waste incinerators that are within 5 miles of any nursing home, assisted living facility or hospital.  Any facility that will have regulation of its air pollutant emissions delayed by this bill is required to notify affected communities no later than 90 days after the date of enactment.

.pdf» 170-246
H.R. 358 10/13/11

The Motion to Recommit would ensure that no hospital or health care provider can be exempted from any Federal or State law that requires them to provide any medical examination, treatment, referral, or transfer to prevent the death of a pregnant woman with an emergency medical condition. 

.pdf» 173-249
H.R. 3078 10/12/11

The Motion to Recommit would add the Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act as the new title to the United States-Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement Implementation Act. The Currency Reform for Fair Trade Act is a part of the Make It In America agenda.  It promotes job creation and gives the Administration effective tools to address the unfair trade practice of currency manipulation by foreign countries, including China, making clear that additional tariffs can be imposed to offset the effects of a “fundamentally undervalued” currency under U.S. trade remedy laws.

.pdf» 192-236
H.R. 2681 10/6/11

The Motion to Recommit would protect infants, children, and pregnant women form toxic and cancer-causing air pollutants, by requiring the EPA Administrator to not delay action to reduce air pollution from cement kilns that are within 5 miles of any school, day care center, playground or hospital with a maternity ward or neo-natal unit.  Any facility that will have regulation of its air pollutant emissions delayed by this bill is required to notify affected communities no later than 90 days after the date of enactment.

.pdf» 176-247
H.R. 2401 9/23/11

The Motion to Recommit would require the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to plan and implement a strategy to control air pollution to be deposited in the Great Lakes, including toxic pollution, in order to ensure safe drinking water and protection of public health and the environment.   

.pdf» 180-233
H.R. 2587 9/15/11

The Motion to Recommit prohibits the underlying bill from limiting the National Labor Relations Board's authority to order an employer to maintain or restore jobs within the United States that have been or will otherwise be outsourced to a foreign country in violation of the National Labor Relations Act. 

.pdf» 189-235
H.R. 2218 9/13/11

The Motion to Recommit would require each state entity that receives a grant, to have in effect policies and procedures for charter schools that require criminal background checks to be conducted for school employees prohibit the employment of an individual for a position as a school employee if they refuse to consent to a criminal background check, make false statements in connection with the background check or have been convicted of a felony. 

.pdf» 189-231
H.R. 1892 9/9/11

The Motion to Recommit would require the head of each element of the intelligence community to place priority on funding activities that counter the threat posed by transnational drug trafficking and the protection of U.S. borders from drug-related crime, violence and gang-related activity in connection with transnational drug trafficking.   

.pdf» 145-257
S. 627 7/29/11 The Motion to Recommit would direct the Joint Committee on Deficit Reduction to eliminate subsidies for the five largest oil and gas companies, and corporate jet owners, before gutting education initiatives that create jobs, spur growth, and invest in our future.
As the oil and gas industry is raking in near-record profits, it is time these companies give up their taxpayer-funded subsidies - to help reduce our deficit and strengthen our economy.
.pdf» 183-244
H.R. 1938 7/26/11

The Motion to Recommit would require that the President takes all necessary actions to ensure that the Keystone pipeline does not result in unfair increases in gas price and that eminent domain is not used to seize farmland to build the pipeline. 

.pdf» 181-248
H.R. 1315 7/21/11

The Motion to Recommit protects seniors from abusive, predatory, unfair, and deceptive practices in the financial marketplace, including fraud related to Social Security and Medicare benefits; foreclosure;
pensions and retirement savings. Republicans already voted this week to “Cut, Cap, and End Medicare” - threatening a critical pillar of seniors' health and economic security. The least they could do is join Democrats to defend seniors against the worst anti-consumer practices in the consumer finance sector.

.pdf» 183-232
H.R. 2553 7/20/11 Motion to Recommit prohibits air carriers from charging a fee for four or fewer items of baggage checked by a member of the Armed Forces who is traveling in scheduled air transportation on official military duty. Our troops bear any burden on behalf of our security; airlines shouldn't ask them to pay any price just to catch a flight. .pdf» 187-233
H.R. 2560 7/19/11 Motion to Recommit honors the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform by ensuring that no cuts in veterans' benefits can be included in any balanced budget amendment by prohibiting the House of Representatives or the Senate from considering any balanced budget amendment to the Constitution that could result in a reduction in veterans benefits. The underlying legislation destroys 700,000 jobs, harms economic growth, and ends Medicare while preserving tax breaks for special interests. .pdf» 188-236
H.R. 2354 7/15/11 Motion to Recommit upholds keeping the American people safe by investing an additional $7 million in cyber-security to protect our electrical grid from hacking or terrorist attack. As Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said before the Senate Armed Services Committee: “The next Pearl Harbor we confront could very well be a cyber-attack that cripples our power systems, our grid, our security systems, our financial systems, our governmental systems.” .pdf» 182-232
H.R. 2018 7/13/11 Motion to Recommit retains EPA's authority to set water pollution standards and review permits when pollutants are being discharged into waters that are a source of public drinking water. For 40 years, the Clean Water Act has kept our waterways clean, enabling Americans to fish, swim, and drink without fear of harm or threat to the public good.
Republicans want to reverse 4 decades of progress and weaken protections for some of our most precious natural resources.
.pdf» 188-238
H.R. 1309 7/12/11 Motion to Recommit provides grants to repair flood-damaged homes and relief from flood insurance premium increases for the flood victims whose residences were damaged by flooding for which the President declared a major disaster or emergency in 2011. This year, our nation has faced floods that are among the worst in a century, resulting in heartbreaking death and destruction. The scope is enormous: the President has declared a disaster or emergency in 29 states and 696 counties across our country. This motion to recommit is fiscally responsible, providing assistance only to those homeowners with existing flood policies who have thus paid into the Flood Insurance Fund. .pdf» 181-244
H.R. 2219 7/8/11 Motion to Recommit increases funds for the Department of Defense-Wide Yellow Ribbon Program by $200 million. The goal of the Yellow Ribbon Program is to prepare Soldiers and Families for mobilization, sustain Families during mobilization, and reintegrate Soldiers with their Families, communities, and employers after mobilization or upon redeployment. It offsets these increases with a $200 million reduction in funds for Afghan Security Forces. Our men and women in uniform serve and sacrifice abroad so we can know safety and security at home. And over the past decade, they have endured two wars, multiple deployments, high unemployment and severe economic hardship. .pdf» 188-234
H.R. 2112 6/16/11 Motion to Recommit increases funds in CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) by $11.8 million for enforcement against oil and gas speculators which is paid for by making other reductions. The underlying legislation slashes support to women, children, and even infants, along with slashing the funding for CFTC - the agency tasked with policing price manipulation in oil markets, by a stunning 44% from the President's budget. Speculation in energy markets is at an all-time high and the CFTC is going after those who are driving up the price at the pump, recently charging two traders and three firms with price manipulation for allegedly trying to hoard crude oil and scoring a quick $50 million gain. Now is not the time to make it harder for the CFTC to bring the weight of the law down on oil and gas speculators. Now is the time to make gas more affordable for Americans and small businesses. .pdf» 185-233
H.R. 2055 6/14/11 Motion to Recommit increases funds for veterans medical services for post-traumatic stress disorder and suicide prevention and is paid-for. The motion addresses one of the greatest challenges, and most troubling trends, to emerge from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - the growing number of suicides and cases of post-traumatic stress disorder among members of our military. Democrats believe we need to fulfil our promise to our veterans by investing in the mental health of our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines. .pdf» 184-234
H.R. 2017 6/2/11 Motion to Recommit is focused on a single goal: strengthening the security of public transit, rail lines, and buses - and the millions of Americans who use public transportation to commute to work and travel across the country. The measure invests $75 million in transit security and safeguards infrastructure considered vulnerable to attack (and it is fully paid-for). Intelligence, homeland security, and defense officials have made it clear time and again: in the United States and around the world, terrorist organizations have targeted, and continue to target, mass transit. .pdf» 187-234
H.R. 1540 5/26/11

Motion to Recommit provides our troops with a $100 per month increase in combat pay.  This will help our brave men and women in uniform to provide for their families while they are serving in the most dangerous situations far from home. Supporting our troops should not be a partisan issue and Republicans should join with Democrats to give a raise to our troops who are serving in harm's way.

.pdf» 185-233
H.R. 1216 5/25/11

Motion to Recommit ensures that areas most in need of primary doctors continue to get the funding they need to train physicians and treat patients - especially at a time when we already face a shortage of physicians in our medical facilities - by requiring that the Secretary prioritize qualified teaching health centers in underserved areas. Republicans have already voted to end Medicare, making huge cuts in benefits and putting insurance company bureaucrats in charge of seniors' health care and the unerlying bill is one more step in pursuit of their ideological goal to repeal patients' rights.

.pdf» 184-236
H.R. 754 5/13/11 Motion to Recommit ensures that our top priority in funding our intelligence services is the campaign to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat Al Qaeda and affiliated organizations. The motion also honors the extraordinary courage, dedication, and sacrifice of the intelligence officers, analysts, and Navy SEALs who located, tracked, and killed Osama bin Laden and commends the leadership of Presidents Obama in carrying out this mission and recognizes the commitment of Presidents Clinton and Bush for advancing this fight - bringing a measure of justice to the families of the victims of 9/11. .pdf» 182-228
H.R. 1231 5/12/11 Motion to Recommit requires Big Oil to sell oil produced on taxpayer-owned property to Americans first - to help bring down gas prices and ease the burden on American drivers - and sends a clear message to the oil industry: start pumping oil on the public land you already own, or another company will get your lease to drill. Big Oil is doing fine on its own - raking in record profits while Americans pay more at the pump. But the GOP still refuses to hold Big Oil accountable and end taxpayer subsidies to the largest oil companies. .pdf» 180-243
H.R. 1229 5/11/11 Motion to Recommit halts new leases to oil companies that still owe fines and penalties for economic and environmental damage in the Gulf of Mexico. As our largest oil companies rake in record profits, we must put Big Oil on notice: drilling can't expand if they don't uphold their responsibilities to America's taxpayers and families. .pdf» 186-239
H.R. 1230 5/5/11 Motion to Recommit requires the 4 leases that would be offered for sale in the underlying bill to specify that all oil and natural gas produced from such leases is offered for sale in the United States and not exported. If oil is taken from land owned by the American taxpayer, it should benefit American families. Democrats want to lower the price of gas, put consumers first, and strengthen our economic recovery. .pdf» 171-238
H.R. 3 5/4/11 Motion to Recommit amends the underlying legislation to clarify that the Federal Government is expressly not permitted to gain access to the private medical records of victims of rape and incest. Democrats are committed to preserving the health, rights, and choices of all women. Republicans continue to push an ideological agenda that attacks women's health and takes health insurance away from millions of Americans. .pdf» 192-235
H.R. 1213 5/3/11 Motion to Recommit protects Americans with pre-existing conditions by requiring health insurance companies to disclose discrimination and unfair price hikes against those with pre-existing conditions like cancer and banning insurers from health exchanges if they refuse to cover Americans with pre-existing conditions or charge those patients more for their coverage. Republicans should stop their assault on patients' rights and join Democrats in holding insurance companies accountable and ensuring every American who needs a doctor can see a doctor. .pdf» 190-233
H.R. 1217 4/13/11 Motion to Recommit strikes all of the provisions in the underlying legislation and restores the Prevention and Public Health Fund for prevention, wellness, and public health activities for individuals 65 years or older. Republicans should abandon their assault of Americans' health, stand up for seniors, and join Democrats to create jobs, responsibly reduce the deficit, and strengthen the middle class. .pdf»  189-234
H.J. Res 37 4/8/11 Democratic Whip Hoyer offered a Motion to Recommit which would provide for a common-sense, simple 1 week extension of funding for government operations with no controversial policy riders attached to it so that negotiations can continue without the immediate threat of a government shutdown but it was ruled of order by the Chair. Mr. Hoyer appealed the ruling of the Chair so he could offer this MTR. .pdf» 235-181
H.R. 910 4/7/11 Motion to Recommit puts the well-being of children and seniors first: by giving the EPA authority to protect vulnerable children and seniors, including kids with asthma and lung diseases, from the ill effects of air pollution. The underlying Republican legislation would threaten Americans' health by undermining our ability to decrease harmful pollution, undercut fuel efficiency standards that save us money at the gas pump, and increase our country's dependence on foreign oil. .pdf» 175-251
H.R. 1363 4/7/11 Motion to Recommit would ensure that our troops will get paid. Democrats are committed to supporting our troops, veterans, and their families. These brave Americans bear any burden for our security; they should not have to pay any price for a GOP-led shutdown. .pdf» 191-236
H.R. 1363 4/7/11 Democratic Whip Hoyer attempted to offer an alternative to the Republican CR, which would provide for a common-sense, simple 1 week extension of funding for government operations with no controversial policy riders attached to it so that negotiations can continue without the immediate threat of a government shutdown but it was ruled of order by the Chair. Mr. Hoyer appealed the ruling of the Chair so he could offer this MTR. .pdf» 236-187
H.R. 1255 4/1/11 Motion to Recommit says if Republicans force a government shutdown, Members of Congress and the President should not get paid. Americans' elected officials should not receive their taxpayer-funded paycheck if they can't do their jobs and keep public services up and running. .pdf»  188-237
H.R. 658 4/1/11 Motion to Recommit puts Americans' safety first by deploying federal air marshals on the highest-risk passenger flights and advancing aviation security. In an age of new threats and challenges across the globe, we must do everything in our power to ensure passenger safety and preserve the security of our skies. The Republican bill destroys 70,000 jobs, undermines our nation's infrastructure, and jeopardizes runway safety and improvements. .pdf» 184-235
H.R. 471 3/30/11 Motion to Recommit invests taxpayer dollars to strengthen DC public and charter schools - at half the cost. The MTR invests in public and charter schools to improve academic achievement and supports special education services. The Republican bill is an ideological drive to fund private school vouchers, add to the deficit, and reauthorize an initiative that failed to improve student achievement - nothing to create jobs or ensure excellence in the classroom. .pdf» 185-238
H.R. 839 3/29/11

Motion to Recommit protects our troops on the battlefield, their loved ones back home, and Gold Star families - ensuring the Home Affordable Modification Program continues to assist those who serve and sacrifice on behalf of our nation's security. With the recovery just beginning to take hold, Republicans in Congress should not cut off a lifeline to responsible homeowners struggling to keep up with their mortgage payments. The Republican bill would deny approximately half a million homeowners mortgage assistance.

.pdf» 185-238
H.R. 1076 3/17/11 Motion to Recommit ensures that public broadcast networks continue receiving funds to disseminate AMBER Alerts regarding abducted children. NPR is the sole source for news and information in some local and rural areas; it is a critical outlet for public safety alerts in these communities nationwide. The underlying legislation prohibits federal funding of NPR and use of federal funds by public radio stations to acquire programming. .pdf» 184-235
H.R. 861 3/16/11

Motion to Recommit protects rural America from the GOP assault on our nation's neighborhoods by emphasizing the redevelopment of foreclosed properties in rural areas, stabilizing these communities, keeping home values afloat, and reducing the risk of foreclosure for the remaining residents.

.pdf» 153-272
H.J.Res 48 3/15/11 Motion to Recommit protects the Social Securit