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A New Direction for Energy Independence

Democrats are taking America in a New Direction, working to defend our country, restore accountability to Washington, grow our economy, strengthen our families, and protect our planet.

The New Direction Congress has four clear priorities for tackling some of the greatest challenges we face going forward: achieving energy independence and reducing global warming.

These solutions were developed in open meetings, by bipartisan majorities in Congress, because everybody has a stake in our fight for energy independence.

1. Strengthen our national security by reducing our dependence on foreign oil

  • Making the largest investment in homegrown biofuels in American history.

  • Creating tax incentives for Hybrids--not Hummers, replacing tax loopholes for purchasing gas-guzzlers with a $4,000 plug-in hybrid vehicle tax credit, and incentives for biking and cleaner mass transit.

  • Repealing Big Oil giveaways for companies earning record profits, and reinvesting in clean, renewable fuels.

2. Lower energy costs with greater efficiency, cleaner energy, and smarter technology

  • Reduce energy costs by more than $300 billion through 2030 with landmark energy efficiency reforms for homes, industry, and businesses.

  • Promote renewable energy through tax credits and incentives for solar, wind, biomass, and geothermal technologies.

3. Create new American jobs

  • Supporting cutting-edge research that leads to further innovation in the private sector.

  • Helping small businesses develop renewable energy solutions and make their own businesses more energy efficient.

  • Creating a 'Green Jobs Corps,' training a quality workforce for millions of good 'green' jobs, such as solar panel manufacturers, green building construction workers, and sustainable forestry workers.

  • Making coal part of the solution with aggressive steps on carbon capture and sequestration.

4. Reduce Global Warming

  • Making the U.S. a global leader on a binding global warming agreement, with commitments from all the major emitters including China, India, and Brazil, and promoting U.S. energy exports in clean and efficient technologies.

  • Requiring federal government operations to be carbon neutral by 2050, reducing emissions and consumption by the nation's largest energy consumer, and reducing the cost to taxpayers by $7.5 billion by 2030.

  • Removing as much as 10 billion tons of carbon dioxide through 2030-- more than the annual emissions of all of the cars on the road in America today-- through landmark energy efficiency measures.

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