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The GOP Energy Plan: 'None of the Above'

The New Direction Congress led by Democrats has offered real solutions to bring down energy costs, promote renewable fuels and energy efficiency, and promote oil production right here in America.

But a majority of Congressional Republicans have voted NO each time.

  • NO to renewable energy
  • NO to the first new vehicle efficiency standards in 32 years--saving $1,000 in fuel costs per car per year
  • NO to reducing transit fares for commuter rail and buses
  • NO to recouping royalties the oil companies failed to pay to taxpayers
  • NO to repealing unnecessary subsidies for the top five oil companies, raking in record profits
  • NO to expanded drilling in Alaska's Energy Reserve
  • NO to requiring oil companies to drill on 68 million acres they already control nationwide
  • NO to lowering gas prices immediately by releasing a small portion of the government oil stockpile
  • NO to cracking down on gas price gouging

What IS their plan?

  • More public resources going to oil companies that won't or can't drill on the millions of acres they already control
  • A 6th year of bigger profits for oil companies
  • Oil derricks off more of our pristine beaches and in our last wildlife preserves