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Health Insurance Reform - DAILY MYTHBUSTER: Impact on the Deficit

Health insurance reform opponents, including Republican Congressman Mike Pence of Indiana, continue to spread myths about America's Affordable Health Choices Act's effect on the deficit.

Myth:  “The American people know what government-run health care will mean: … bigger deficit...” - Congressman Mike Pence

Fact: The nonpartisan CBO found America's Affordable Health Choices Act is deficit neutral.

  • The CBO released estimates confirming that the health insurance reform policies of America's Affordable Health Choices Act are deficit-neutral over the 10-year budget window -- even producing a $6 billion surplus.  CBO estimated that the cost of the bill's insurance reforms was $1.042 trillion, while the bill's cost savings and revenues totaled $1.048 trillion.  CBO estimated that these reforms will provide affordable coverage for 97 percent of Americans two years after the program starts.

In addition, the President has said: “I've also pledged that health insurance reform will not add to our deficit over the next decade. And I mean it… [health insurance reform] will be paid for.” [7/22/09]

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