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Health Insurance Reform - DAILY MYTHBUSTER: Inaccurate Comments of House Republican Leader John Boehner

Health Insurance Reform Daily Mythbuster: Inaccurate Comments of House Republican Leader John Boehner

This afternoon at his weekly press conference, House Republican Leader John Boehner continued to spread myths about America's Affordable Health Choices Act.  As with so many myths cited by opponents of health insurance reform, the facts disprove his comments. [Based on CQ Transcriptions 7/30/09]

Myth: “…there's nothing -- nothing -- in the Democrat proposal that will reduce costs of health insurance for the average American…”

Fact: To the contrary, America's Affordable Health Choices Act includes numerous provisions to reduce costs for Americans:

  • Eliminates co-pays for preventive and wellness care.
  • Limits excessive out-of-pocket expenses, deductibles or co-pays.
  • Creates yearly caps on what patients pay.
  • Eliminates yearly or lifetime cost caps on what insurance companies cover.
  • Provides choice of plans and competition making affordable plans available for all.
  • Does not allow refusal to renew insurance coverage, if it is paid in full, because of illness.

Myth: “…it still puts a government czar in charge of personal medical decisions that only patients and their doctors ought to be making…”

Fact: America's Affordable Health Choices Act improves options and decision-making for all Americans without government interference.

  • The Democratic plan puts doctors and patients - not insurance companies - in charge of your health care.  Right now, insurance companies are making your health care decisions.  The bill contains key insurance reforms that prevent insurance companies from denying care or coverage based on pre-existing conditions, dropping you because you get “too sick,” and imposing annual and lifetime limits on coverage.  Under the bill, doctors and patients will be empowered to make treatment decisions, rather than profit-driven private insurers.
  • Under our plan, there are no federal bureaucrats making treatment decisions for America's patients.  No new powers are given to the federal government to decide on what treatments an individual receives. 

Myth: “…it's going to raise costs of doing business for smaller firms, forcing them to make some really tough decisions, like cutting jobs or cutting benefits.”

Fact: Small businesses benefit enormously from America's Affordable Health Choices Act. [Find out Why Here]

Myth: The Democratic plan “cuts Medicare and choices for seniors.”

Fact: America's Affordable Health Choices Act includes several key provisions that improve Medicare benefits and health care for seniors. [Find out Why Here]

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