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Hidden Health Care Tax

This year, every insured American family will pay $1,017 -- and insured singles will pay $368 per year -- in insurance premiums just to cover the medical expenses of the uninsured. That's $42.7 billion this year - or $1,354 per second. This 'Hidden Health Care Tax' is the undisclosed insurance premium surcharge, paid by America's businesses and insured Americans, that subsidizes the uncompensated health care costs of the uninsured.

See how much Americans have paid since January 1, 2009:


So if you think reform will cost you more to cover the uninsured, you need to know you're paying more now.

The Affordable Health Care For America Act (HR 3962) will end the Hidden Health Care Tax and will reduce health care costs, protect and increase consumers' choices, and guarantee access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

Source: Families USA