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Setting the Record Straight on Bush: The Facts About the Bush/GOP 'Drill Only' Policy

  • Nearly 80 percent of offshore oil is in areas that are already OPEN for exploration.
  • In fact, 68 million acres, onshore and offshore, are already UNDER LEASE by oil companies, BUT NOT BEING DRILLED.
  • Democrats have said “use it or lose it” to the oil companies:  drill the oil or give up the lease to someone who will.
  • And Democrats have called for mandatory leasing in the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska - which has MORE oil than the Arctic Wildlife Refuge.
  • Democrats are working to bring down gas prices by taking crucial steps to curb excessive speculation in the energy futures markets.
  • Democrats are also working to lower gas prices immediately through legislation to release a small portion of the government oil stockpile.
  • So let's be clear:  Republicans are picking a POLITICAL fight, not a POLICY fight.


  • Oil companies have BILLIONS of barrels of American oil available to them right now.
  • And the President's own Department of Energy says the impact of any new drilling will be insignificant - promising only pennies per gallon a decade or two down the road.