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Setting the Record Straight on Republican False Claims on Energy

Republicans falsely claim that drilling in protected areas will provide immediate relief to America's consumers.  The Republican plan to drill on protected lands will result in only a 2 cents savings more than 10 years from now.

Republicans in the House and in the Senate, including John McCain, continue to oppose or block Democratic efforts to increase supply, reduce prices, protect consumers and transition America to a clean, renewable energy-independent future.

House Republicans opposed major energy legislation proposed by House Democrats:

  • Free our Oil - Releasing oil from the nation's stockpile will bring immediate relief in 10 days.  The Republican “Drill Only” plan will save consumers 2 cents in more than 10 years.
  • Use it or Lose it - Demand that oil companies produce on the 68 million acres they already have leased for drilling.
  • End undue speculation in the energy markets to bring down the price of a barrel of oil.
  • Invest in renewable energy to end our dependence on foreign oil.

Senate Republicans have blocked votes:

  • To repeal taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil at a time of record profits.
  • To increase funding for LIHEAP to help families who will struggle to pay their home heating bills this winter.
  • To provide tax credits for renewable energy.
  • To adopt a Renewable Electricity Standard, transitioning America to a cleaner, more energy independent future.

Will House Republicans reverse their opposition to these proposals?

Will Senate Republicans, including Senator McCain, stop blocking these bills?

Will President Bush sign them into law?