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Pelosi Statement on Senate Republicans' Vote to Block DISCLOSE Act

Washington, D.C. - Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement tonight after Senate Republicans voted to block consideration of the DISCLOSE Act:

“Tonight, Senate Republicans showed their party's true colors yet again: defending the rights of special interests at the expense of the public interest.  By blocking a vote on the DISCLOSE Act, Republicans are protecting a system that allows secret, unlimited corporate funds to flood our campaigns and our airwaves - while keeping voters in the dark.

“The DISCLOSE Act is founded on a basic premise: that we can seek fairness for the middle class only when we ensure fairness in our elections.  This legislation aims to restore transparency and accountability to our political discourse, and shines a bright light on the corporate donors and special interest dollars trying to dictate our political campaigns.

“By enacting the DISCLOSE Act, we would take a critical step forward in our DARE: to disclose, amend the Constitution to overturn Citizens United, reform our politics, and elect reformers from both parties.  In doing so, we can uphold the vision of our Founders - where the votes of the people determine the outcome of our elections, not the checkbooks of the privileged few.”