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Business Industry Supports Economic Recovery Act - Longtime GOP Allies Support Plan

Many key business leaders support the enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - stating that the time for a strong economic recovery package is now.

R. Bruce Josten, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
“The Chamber…renews its call that the Senate approve H.R.1 without delay so that the House and Senate can expeditiously complete work on a conference report … The Chamber supports many of the pro-growth tax initiatives in the bill, as well as the spending-side provisions to provide stimulus, create jobs and get Americans back to work.” [2/9/09]

Jay Timmons, National Association of Manufacturers
“NAM members believe a balanced tax and investment package designed to help job providers and the people who depend on them will go a long way to spur economic revitalization.  Legislation that combines timely, targeted tax incentives and increased investment in areas critical to our competitiveness will help get our nation's economy back on track and ensure job creation and sustainable economic growth… The NAM's Key Vote Advisory Committee has indicated that votes on H.R. 1, including potential procedural motions, may be considered for designation as Key Manufacturing Votes in the 111th Congress.” [2/5/09]  

Ken Simonson, Associated General Contractors of America
“The bottom line is the stimulus package will mean the difference between success and failure for millions of construction workers and thousands of construction businesses this year in Florida and nationwide… It is a debate about the very survival of businesses, of jobs and of our ability to compete in the global economy for years to come.” [Orlando Sentinel, 2/6/09]