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Free Our Oil: 10 Days, Immediate Relief

The New Direction Congress is demanding President Bush to “Free our Oil.”  Releasing oil from the government's stockpile could bring immediate relief in 10 days.

In contrast, John McCain is calling on Congress to return to Washington to vote on the Republican “Drill Only” plan that will save consumers only 2 cents more than 10 years from now.

But when Sen. McCain had an opportunity to vote for real energy solutions, he was a no show.

Today, the Washington Post noted, “This Friday will mark the four-month anniversary of the last time McCain actually cast a vote in the Senate.  Since April 8, he's missed 103 consecutive floor votes, including several on energy-related issues.  That's a remarkable streak, even for a presidential candidate. McCain is like the anti-Cal Ripken.” [August 7, 2008]


McCain Only Senator to Miss Vote to Repeal Tax Subsidies for Big Oil in Order to Fund Tax Incentives for Renewable Energy - Measure Defeated By One Vote
In 2007, John McCain was the only senator who failed to vote on a motion to limit debate on the 2007 energy bill that would have stripped $13 billion in tax subsidies for big oil companies to fund tax incentives for renewable energy instead.  This vote was critical to making a $21 billion investment in clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency, including a $3,000 tax credit to help working families afford fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles.  But the measure failed on a 59-40 vote, falling one vote shy of the 60 votes needed to end debate and move the bill forward.  McCain aides say he would have opposed ending debate. [2007 Vote #425, 12/13/07, McCain Absent]  

McCain Only Senator to Miss Vote on Critical Renewable Energy Tax Incentive Package - Measure Defeated By One Vote

The package needed 60 votes under Senate rules to move forward but failed 58 to 41, with 8 Republicans joining 48 Democrats and 2 independents in support of it.  The measure included an extension of the renewable energy tax credit and energy efficiency tax incentives for homes, appliances and commercial buildings.  McCain aides say he would have opposed the measure.  [2008 Vote #8, 2/6/08, Failed 58-41, McCain Absent]