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The GOP Energy Plan: 'None of the Above'

Republicans may talk a good game, but their actions speak louder than words.  Republicans have voted against the critical solutions that must be part of a comprehensive New Direction for Energy Independence. They voted against renewable energy and conservation, responsible domestic oil production, short-term measures to bring down prices now and punish those who are manipulating the oil market, and new requirements that oil companies pay their fair share.  

Instead of working on behalf of American families and businesses, the House Republicans' so-called “all of the above” energy plan simply rehashes failed ideas on domestic drilling or proposes ideas that Republicans have repeatedly blocked in the past.  Their all-out legislative battle in recent years to protect the record profits of Big Oil companies earning record profits has earned them the moniker “Grand Oil Party.”  Americans paying $4 a gallon thanks to an energy policy literally written by the oil industry cannot afford this the GOP's “none of the above” energy plan.

The Republican leadership's “none of the above” record:

Rep. John Boehner, Republican Leader
Rep. Roy Blunt, Republican Whip

Rep. Adam Putnam, Republican Conference Chairman

Rep. McCotter, Republican Policy Committee Chairman

Rep. Kay Granger, Republican Conference Vice Chair
Rep. John Carter, Republican Conference Committee Secretary

Rep. Tom Cole, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman

Rep. Eric Cantor, Republican Chief Deputy Whip

Rep. David Dreier, Rules Committee Ranking Republican


A full list of measures that large percentages of House Republicans voted against:

  • Comprehensive energy legislation that includes the first new vehicle efficiency standards in 32 years, saving families up to $1,000 a year at the pump. [93 percent, Vote 1140, 12/6/07, HR 6; 50.3 percent, Vote 1177, 12/18/07, HR 6]
  • Tax incentives for renewable electricity, energy and fuel from America's heartland, as well as for plug-in hybrid cars, and energy efficient homes, buildings, and appliances -- four times in just the last 18 months. [82 percent, Vote 344, 5/21/08, HR 6049; 91percent, Vote 84, 2/27/2008; 93 percent, Vote 1140, 12/6/07, HR 6; 95 percent, Vote 835, HR 2776]
  • Investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy, including solar, biofuels, hydropower, and geothermal energy, as well as new vehicle technology and energy efficient buildings and homes, with a 50 percent increase over the President's request.  [56 percent, Vote 641, 7/17/07, HR 2641]
  • Landmark energy efficiency standards for buildings, homes, appliances, and lighting to save consumers $400 billion through 2030. [93 percent, Vote 1140, 12/6/07, HR 6; 50.3 percent; Vote 1177, 12/18/07, HR 6]
  • Requiring that 15 percent of American electricity come from renewable energy by 2020. [83 percent, Vote 827, 8/4/97, amendment to HR 3221]
  • Reducing transit fares for commuter rail and buses and expanding service through grants to transit agencies. [52 percent, Vote 467, 6/26/08, HR 6052]
  • Responsible drilling in Alaska in the National Petroleum Reserve (NPR-A). [86 percent, Vote 511, 7/17/08, HR 6515]
  • Requiring oil companies to drill on 68 million acres they already control. [94 percent, Vote 469, 6/26/08, HR 6251]
  • Releasing a small portion of the government's oil stockpile, the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, to bring down gasoline prices. [81 percent, Vote 527, 7/24/08, H.R. 6578]
  • Cracking down on price gouging oil companies that artificially inflate the price of energy. [74 percent, Vote 448, 6/24/08, HR 6346]
  • Repealing unnecessary subsidies for the top five oil companies earning record profits -- four times over the last 18 months.  [91percent, Vote 84, 2/27/2008; 93 percent, Vote 1140, 12/6/07, HR 6; 95 percent, Vote 835, HR 2776; 81 percent, Vote 40, 1/18/07, HR 6]
  • Recouping royalties that oil companies owe American taxpayers for drilling on public lands. [86 percent, Vote 832, 8/4/07, HR 3221; 81 percent, Vote 40, 1/18/07, HR 6]