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Local Support for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Continues to Grow

Oak Ridge, Tennessee Mayor Tom Beehan
“The stimulus package is going to be huge for Oak Ridge…There is money in the stimulus package for environmental cleanup, and it's headed this way.” [The Oak Ridger, 2/20/09]

Columbus, Ohio Mayor Michael B. Coleman

“This stimulus package will stop the freefall, and it will lead to growth in the future.” [Washington Post, 2/21/09]

Phoenix, Arizona Mayor Phil Gordon
“This will actually create jobs with the private sector in all different areas.” [KTAR, 2/23/09]

Alabama State Representative Jimmy Martin
“Until the stimulus passed Alabama was looking at laying-off 8,000 teachers next year, increasing class sizes to historic proportions, and in the process wiping out the progress we've made over the past five years in student achievement. To put it bluntly, because of our current economic troubles we were going to hurt our children's education. The stimulus package will change that reality.” [Clanton Advertiser, 2/23/09]

Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Sean Dilweg

“We know the cost of health care premiums for unemployed workers makes it difficult for them to purchase coverage. The COBRA subsidy will make it much easier for families to continue their health care coverage.” [WGBA - NBC 26, 2/24/09]

The Herald Editorial (South Carolina): Stimulus can help
…we disagree with [Governor Mark] Sanford and other critics that the basic economic philosophy behind the stimulus is unsound or that programs funded by government are inherently wasteful. This infusion of cash to the states, if properly allocated, can create jobs, improve the state's infrastructure, stave off cuts in education, prevent the need to lay off public workers and provide medical care and temporary sustenance to the unemployed and needy…

This stimulus can give the state valuable breathing space until the recession bottoms out and the economy gradually begins to improve. In terms of improved roads, safer bridges and other infrastructure improvements such as school repairs, the state will be better off than it was prior to the recession… [2/24/09]

Hattiesburg American Editorial (Mississippi) - Barbour & stimulus: a political game

Gov. Haley Barbour's decision to forgo about $50 million in stimulus money to the state that would expand benefits for the unemployed smacks more of politics than good policy…

It's distressing to see area Republican legislators, among them Sens. Joey Fillingane and Tom King, falling in line behind Barbour, while the unemployment rate continues to grow in the nation's poorest state.

One of the state's top economists, Marianne Hill of Mississippi's Institutions of Higher Learning, says the governor's priorities are misplaced.

'The need for reform is urgent,' she said. 'I think that it's clear we need to expand our benefits to cover more people.'…

Barbour appears to be fine with the rest of the $2.3 billion that is coming to Mississippi. This is not the time to be turning his back on those who are out of work and can use extra help. [2/25/09]

Statesman Journal (Oregon) - First course of stimulus on way to dinner tables
For Oregon families that use food stamps to buy groceries, the federal stimulus package means their monthly allotments will increase…

Families could begin seeing an increase in their monthly food stamp allotment by April 1 lasting through Sept. 30, Stewart said.

A family of four could see an increase of $80; a monthly food stamp allowance would increase from $588 to $668.

“That's enough of a difference to really help, I think, for folks having a hard time,” Stewart said… [2/24/09]

Grand Rapids Press (Michigan) - Stimulus plan means more energy-saving help for West Michigan homeowners
Holland resident Ruby Anaya loves the new furnace, storm windows and warm, insulated house that have cut her monthly winter heating bill in half.

Anaya was one of nearly 300 families helped last year with a weatherization program run by Community Action Agency operations in Kent and Ottawa counties. That number could rise to more than 1,500 families getting weatherization for homes in the two counties under the $787 billion economic stimulus package signed into law by the president…

Weatherization reduces energy costs. Anaya -- widowed in 2007 with two children at home -- saw her average heating bills drop from about $300 a month last winter to $128 a month so far this year... [2/23/09]

Wilton Bulletin Editorial (Connecticut): Economic stimulus
We are pleased that Congress passed the $787-billion economic stimulus bill, officially known as The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, which President Barack Obama signed Tuesday.

The legislation will create and save jobs in Connecticut and across the nation and is a major step toward pulling the country out of the recession… [2/24/09]