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A New Direction: Making Progress for the American People

The New Direction Congress hit the ground running this year to strengthen our economy and our national security--both facing enormous challenges. Building on last year's work, the House has now passed 142 significant pieces of legislation, with more than 70 percent receiving significant bipartisan support. So far this year, the House has:


star Swiftly enacted a bipartisan stimulus package to jumpstart the economy, that will help hardworking Americans when 'recovery rebates' starting going out in May, and help create 500,000 American jobs.
Approved energy legislation that will reinvest taxpayer subsidies to oil companies earning record profi ts into clean renewable energy--creating hundreds of thousands of green jobs, making America less dependent on foreign oil, and reducing global warming.
Passed a plan for a stronger America: a fiscally responsible budget that achieves surplus by 2012 and has a long-term plan to grow our economy and strengthen our national security.
Established an historic new Office of Congressional Ethics, providing an independent review of alleged ethics violations by Members of Congress. The New York Times calls it 'the boldest step yet,' and The St. Petersburg Times calls it 'a strong stand against political corruption.'
Passed landmark legislation to end discrimination against patients seeking treatment for mental health issues.
Passed strong Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act reforms to modernize electronic intelligence gathering to protect the American people, while protecting Americans' civil liberties and the fundamental constitutional rights we cherish.