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A New Direction: Remarkable Progress for the American People

Last November, the American people demanded a New Direction. Under Democratic Leadership and with support from both parties, the 110th Congress has begun to deliver, focusing on the real priorities of the American people. We are restoring accountability to government - with a return to fiscal discipline and no new deficit spending.

A strongly bipartisan SCHIP bill will provide health care for 10 million American children. The House will work to build consensus for an override of the President's veto next week.
The College Cost Reduction Act--the largest expansion of student aid since the GI Bill in 1944, increasing Pell Grant amounts and cutting interest rates in half on student loans--was signed into law on September 27. It will save the average student borrower $4,400.
Landmark Lobby and Ethics Reform was signed into law on September 14--hailed by independent reform groups as 'a sea change for citizens.'
The 9/11 Commission Recommendations were signed into law on August 3. The sweeping new measures to protect America from terrorism will require 100% air cargo screening, 100% screening of seaborne containers, improved first responder communications, and funding based on risk.
The first phase of the Congress's crucial Innovation Agenda was signed into law on August 9--creating 12,000 new math and science teacher scholarships, putting us on a path to double research funding, and boosting America's ability to compete in the world.
The first Minimum Wage Increase in a decade took effect on July 24, giving an estimated 13 million hard-working Americans a long overdue pay raise--including the parents of 6 million children. The $4,400 annual raise can buy 15 months of groceries or 20 months of child care.
Historic Energy Independence initiatives passed the House and Senate, reducing our dependence on foreign oil to enhance national security, create American jobs, and reduce global warming.
By the second anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the Congress delivered and the President signed into law critical Gulf Coast Recovery Aid--with more than $7 billion in effective aid and jump-starting 20,000 stalled projects.

All were done with significant bipartisan support. All make remarkable progress for the American people.