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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Yesterday, Vice President Joe Biden announced Recovery Act funding for broadband projects to create jobs and expand economic opportunities within 37 states.

“Today's investment in broadband technology will create jobs across the country and expand opportunities for millions of Americans and American companies. In addition to bringing 21st century infrastructure to underserved communities and rural areas, these investments will begin to harness the power of broadband to improve education, health care, and public safety,” said Vice President Biden. “The awards are another great example of how the Recovery Act is creating jobs upfront, while also building a foundation for sustainable job creation and global competitiveness.” [White House, 8/18/10]

Washington Business Journal - Virginia, Maryland rank high for stimulus-created jobs

Maryland ranks No. 7 in the nation for the number of jobs that have been created since passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and Virginia ranks No. 9, though growth in stimulus-created jobs in both states will lag other states the remainder of the year, according to a report by Onvia.

The business consulting firm says stimulus-funded projects have created 34,493 jobs in Maryland and 20,232 jobs in Virginia.

Pennsylvania, California and Texas lead the nation in stimulus-created jobs so far. Arkansas, North Carolina and Colorado lead in per capita stimulus spending. [8/18/10]

Lancaster Eagle Gazette (Ohio) - Appalachian broadband project gets $66.5 million in stimulus funds [MEMBER MENTIONED: Zack Space (OH-18)]

What was good news for Ross County on Monday also was good news for 33 other southeastern Ohio counties, including Fairfield, Hocking and Perry.

Horizon in Ross County was awarded $66.4 million in stimulus funds Wednesday to help bring and expand broadband Internet to several counties, including ones in Appalachian areas.

Horizon CEO Bill McKell said the project represents a perfect public-private partnership. He said Horizon worked closely with U.S. Rep. Zack Space, D-Dover, to get the funds.

'It requires long lines over rugged terrain to serve customers,' Space said, adding the stimulus funds make it feasible for Horizon to do the work. 'This is an example of business and government working together to make the business model work.'

The new lines will connect 212 health care facilities, 25 community colleges, 15 universities, 231 kindergarten through 12th-grade schools, 34 county public safety answering points, 32 MARCS towers and 34 industrial parks. Space estimates the design, construction and support work will create about 700 jobs. [8/19/10]

Albany Herald (Georgia) - Vilsack: $20M set for area Internet[MEMBERS MENTIONED: Sanford Bishop (GA-2) and Jim Marshall (GA-8)]

In a conference call from Washington Wednesday, the head of the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced $20 million in stimulus funding will flow into several south Georgia counties to allow for broadband Internet service.

Congressman Sanford Bishop, D-Albany, who, along with Congressman Jim Marshall, D-Macon, was credited with helping put the projects for South Georgia on the list for consideration, said he was thrilled that the counties in the district would receive funding.

“I am entirely proud to hear this announcement of this investment in the future of the second congressional district,” Bishop said. “I believe these grants will serve as tools and a vehicle to help our residents realize their potential.” [8/19/10]

WSLS NBC-10 (Virginia) - Economic Stimulus money to help expand local broadband network [MEMBER MENTIONED: Rick Boucher (VA-9)]

Economic Stimulus money will be used to add new high speed internet service through parts of the New River Valley, Floyd County, Roanoke County, and Botetourt County.

9th District Congressman Rick Boucher (D) says the Commerce Department will give a grant of $9,237,760 to Citizens Telephone Cooperative so the company can expand its broadband network.

“With the middle-mile fiber optic network in place, it will be possible for companies to connect to the fiber lines and offer high-speed Internet access services to many homes and businesses that do not have broadband today. Access to high-speed Internet service is critical to achieving our economic development goals for the region. Fiber optic infrastructure makes us more attractive to companies seeking to expand operations and provides new opportunities for local entrepreneurs to telecommute or expand their businesses online,” said Rep. Boucher in a news release. [8/18/10]

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