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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • Democrats are moving America forward while Congressional Republicans admit they want to take us back to the “exact same” failed policies that put the special interests ahead of the middle class. 
  • The Congressional Republican agenda favors shipping good-paying American jobs overseas, handing Social Security to Wall Street and Medicare to the insurance companies.  That agenda is being secretly funded and promoted by shadowy front groups and corporate special interests. 

Santa Cruz (California) - A thank you letter from The Penny Ice Creamery

Click here to watch a video from Kendra L. Baker and Zachary E. Davis, owners of The Penny Ice Creamery in Santa Cruz, California, who were provided funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to help jump-start their small business.

Santa Barbara Independent (California) - Supes Jump-Start Greening Loans

…Santa Barbara County officials are hoping to jump-start a program that would allow private-property owners to get affordable loans to make their buildings greener.

…the county would loan money to property owners for their projects, and residents would pay it back via their property-tax bills.

In addition to making more buildings environmentally friendly, officials believe the program could bring in $160 million in contracts and create as many as 900 new jobs over the next 10 years.

On Tuesday, the county accepted more than $2.4 million in America Reinvestment and Recovery Act money, which will pay for the administrative costs through the initial three years of a pilot program. [10/28/10]

The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) - Stimulus aid adding 70 jobs at DuPont

[DISTRICT MENTIONED: R-Steve Austria (OH-7): Voted NO on Recovery Act]

Hiring has begun for an expansion at DuPont in Circleville, a site that Sen. Sherrod Brown chose yesterday as the venue to renew his call for greater government aid for such projects.

DuPont is adding 70 jobs to the plant to produce Tedlar, a thin film used in solar panels. The $175 million expansion is receiving $50.7 million from the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, part of the federal economic-stimulus program.

The plant has 486 employees, 16 of whom started Monday. In addition, as many as 230 construction workers are drawing a paycheck on the expansion project, which is scheduled to be completed near the end of next summer. [10/28/10]

Tallahassee Democrat (Florida) - Community Action Agency celebrates weatherization program

On Thursday, the Community Action Agency held a news conference highlighting success stories from its weatherization program and applauding its partners…

Dorothy Inman-Johnson, executive director of the Community Action Agency, said the agency has received nearly $6.8 million in federal stimulus dollars for 2009 through 2012 for weatherization projects in Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Jefferson and Leon counties.

As a result, more than 650 homes were weatherized, and 24 contractors were hired, which Inman-Johnson said boosted local economies and helped prevent layoffs. An estimated 132 jobs were either created or retained, she said. And three weatherization classes helped train or retrain 28 workers. [10/28/10]

Mansfield News Journal (Ohio) - Edge Plastics creates 50 jobs thanks to stimulus program

[DISTRICT MENTIONED: R- Jim Jordan (OH-4): Voted NO on Recovery Act]

Edge Plastics owner Shelley Fisher credits a grant through the State Energy Program in March for helping his business create jobs.

Fisher said the funding, which stems from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, allowed Edge Plastics to invest in new equipment and hire more than 50 new employees at the Newman Street shop.

'It's rejuvenated our entire organization,' Fisher said. 'Further, we have seen a snowball effect. The new equipment allowed us to secure additional business. Our Ohio suppliers have also hired 21 new people because of the increase in business they have received from us.'

'I'm here today because I've been working closely with Governor Strickland on manufacturing issues,' [Sen. Sherrod] Brown said. 'Edge Plastics represents a success story -- it is a company that has improved its energy efficiency, expanded production, and created jobs through the Recovery Act's State Energy Program.' [10/29/10]

WNED PBS-43 (New York) - Funding Allocated for Outer Harbor Promenade

 [MEMBER MENTIONED: Brian Higgins (NY-27)]

The federal government is providing $2 million in stimulus funding for the 'Union Ship Canal Promenade.' Congressman Brian Higgins says work includes improving the Canal under the Father Baker Bridge, a boardwalk with benches, a kayak launch, and fishing access.

'It's not only about making the Outer Harbor more attractive aesthetically, it's also about making the Outer Harbor more accessible, thus opening up over 400 acres of land that has been economically dead for the past five decades,' Higgins said. [10/27/10]

The St. Augustine Record (Florida) - Weatherization plan warms homes

[DISTRICT MENTIONED: R-John Mica (FL-7): Voted NO on Recovery Act]

With no heat in her house last winter, Joanne McGlocking spent the cold months going from one relative's house to another. This year, she has both working heat and air conditioning and is making plans to have the family Thanksgiving and Christmas at her house.

It's all thanks to a national program, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, that is funding local weatherization efforts through St. Johns Housing Partnership Inc.

The weatherization program was designed for people like McGlocking, said Bill Lazar, director of the partnership.

Lazar said the program has not only helped local people but has upgraded houses and pumped money into the economy.

Since September more than $1.1 million in ARRA funding has paid for weatherization of 185 homes in St. Johns County, Lazar said. [10/29/10]

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