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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The latest recipient reports on the Recovery Act were posted at the end of January -- reporting on one-fifth of the Recovery money spent out for projects and direct aid in the last quarter of 2009 and less than one-tenth of the overall Recovery Act program.  The following news clips illustrate only a fraction of the total jobs funded by the Recovery Act -- which the Council of Economic Advisors estimated was about 2 million by the end of 2009… with more to come.

Bloomberg Business Week - Mich. gov: Obama stimulus plan gave state 42K jobs

President Barack Obama's economic stimulus plan has created 42,000 jobs in Michigan in the past six months and deserves a chance to succeed, Gov. Jennifer Granholm said.

Granholm, who appeared Sunday on political talk shows on CBS and CNN, said Obama's initiatives to create jobs and reward new U.S. manufacturing jobs with tax credits is creating hope among Michigan and other manufacturing-dependent states that have been hit hard by job losses. [2/1/10]

Providence Journal (Rhode Island) - In last quarter, R.I. given $801 million

Rhode Island state agencies, public and private schools, municipalities, private companies and individuals were awarded $801 million in federal stimulus money in the last three months of 2009, according to a federal report that tracks stimulus spending every three months.

The stimulus money paid for 1,345 jobs during that three-month period, known as the fourth quarter of the year. The money paid for more than jobs, such as materials used in construction projects as well as grants to social-service agencies that pass the money on to individuals meeting the criteria of the agency's program. [2/2/10]

The Oakland Tribune (California) - CityWise: Dellums says stimulus will bring 5,000 jobs

Mayor Ron Dellums delivered a fiery speech Thursday to city business leaders, telling them federal stimulus dollars will provide 5,000 jobs in Oakland over the next three years.

The mayor said the city has received $87.9 million in grants in which Oakland is the lead agency, plus additional money in grants in which the city worked with another government agency or other partner. [2/5/10]

San Francisco Examiner (California) - New funding aims to reduce energy costs

Approximately 2,000 midsize to small San Francisco businesses and 500 homes will receive a free audit and partial funding to make energy-efficient retrofits as part of a $19.2 million plan aimed at reducing utility bills.

Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the new funding Wednesday at Davies Symphony Hall, where ongoing retrofits such as hyper-efficient light bulbs will save $3 million in taxpayer money that can be redirected to cash-strapped city services, officials said.

Of the $19.2 million, $7.7 million came from federal stimulus funds and the remaining from a monthly fee paid by PG&E customers. [2/4/10]

Wilmington Star-News (North Carolina) - Stimulus road project in Shallotte under way

Work has begun on a $6.3 million project intended to ease congestion on the crowded streets of Shallotte.

The project is being paid in full by the federal government's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, N.C. Department of Transportation engineer Jackson Provost said.

The project has employed approximately 37 people plus a few part-time workers, Kerr said. S.T. Wooten hired 23 workers, including four from Brunswick County. There is also a culvert crew out of Mountain Creek that has five people, the utility workers total eight or nine and road patrol is conducted when needed by Eco Express LLC of Wilmington.

Kerr said as construction progresses, the project will create more jobs. [2/4/10]

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