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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

St. Petersburg Times (Florida) - Federal stimulus averted 2,800 teacher layoffs in Tampa Bay schools
[Jen Stewart of Hernando County] is one of more than 2,800 teachers across the Tampa Bay region whose job has been saved by the $789 billion federal stimulus -- for now.

Without the cash infusion, local school officials say, the 2009-10 school year would have begun with massive layoffs and program cuts. And those budget problems could easily return in two years when the federal aid runs out.

'I don't know how we would have been able to open schools without the stimulus money,' said Pinellas County superintendent Julie Janssen. [Read More]

WMBF-TV (South Carolina) - Energy Dept.: 1,000th worker hired for SRS cleanup
The U.S. Department of Energy says it has hired 1,000 new employees for jobs helping clean up a former nuclear weapons complex in South Carolina.

The Energy Department is angling to fill about 3,000 jobs funded through September 2011 as part of the federal stimulus package. Officials say the $1.6 billion received by the Savannah River Site will fund jobs cleaning up buildings and their surrounding soil - and also make way for new projects on the property.

Cleanup efforts include work on 17 projects across the 310-square mile site along the South Carolina-Georgia border. [Read More]

Billings Gazette (Montana) - Transportation Department estimates 140 jobs created so far from recovery spending on state road projects
Contracts for $81 million in highway and bridge construction projects funded by federal stimulus money have been awarded in Montana so far, with another $130 million coming down the road.

… The [state transportation] department reported 56,207 total hours had been worked on stimulus-funded highway construction projects as of July 31, which amounted to about 140 jobs...

Not calculated yet are the number of indirect jobs for businesses that supply fuel, materials, restaurants and motels to contractors and their employees. These job counts will rise significantly as the current projects proceed and new ones are added, state Transportation Director Jim Lynch said.

The department has estimated that the stimulus ultimately will create or save 5,866 direct and indirect jobs in Montana... [Read More]

Business Rockford (Illinois) - Stimulus projects restore some lost jobs
Then, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act brought about $6 million in road work to Winnebago and Boone counties. Since May, those projects have provided 21,000 hours of work -- the equivalent of more than 40 full-time jobs, according to the Illinois Department of Transportation. [Read More]

Baltimore Sun (Maryland) - Md. sees largest job increase in 4 years
The Labor Department estimated Friday that companies created 10,000 jobs between June and July, adjusted for seasonal variations. That's an unusually large number - the biggest increase in four years…

'My sense is that the stimulus dollars are really beginning to roll into the economy,' said [Baltimore economist Anirban Basu], chief executive of Sage Policy Group, an economic and policy consulting firm. 'Marylanders can look in any direction and see significant infrastructure projects taking place, and some of those projects are traceable directly to the stimulus package passed in February.
Some of the stimulus money is finding its way to job-seekers. The Mayor's Office of Employment Development in Baltimore, which helps connect people in need of work and companies in need of people, said it has a $1.3 million stimulus grant to get job training for more than 300 city residents… [Read More]

The News Journal (Delaware) U.S. subsidies double COBRA enrollments
Enrollments in COBRA, which extends health benefits to fired U.S. workers, have doubled since the start of a government program in February that pays 65 percent of the cost.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, passed in February, included a $24.7 billion subsidy to reduce health care costs for the growing number of unemployed. Employers are required to pay 65 percent of their former employees' COBRA premiums and file for a tax credit. [Read More]

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