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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Philadelphia Inquirer (Pennsylvania) - Stimulus funds revive Chester housing projects
The Chester Housing Authority received $13.6 million to build 87 units of senior housing. Separately, the Chester Economic Development Authority was allocated $10.5 million for 70 rental units.

[Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency] added that the construction would create 157 jobs, directly and indirectly. [Read More]

The News-Record (North Carolina) - Stimulus goes toward child care assistance
The waiting list of families with children who need day care but can't afford it will be cut by half in Guilford County.

After learning that $2.59 million in stimulus funds will arrive soon for child care, the Guilford County Department of Social Services this week mailed 400 letters to tell parents who had applied for assistance.

Each month, Guilford County provides assistance to keep about 5,000 in child care…

“We've had a lot of parents to call that are getting jobs, which is really good,” said Denise Hill, who oversees child care assistance programs for the county. [Read More]

San Antonio Business Journal (Texas) - Texas receives nearly $13 million in fed stimulus funds for propane buses
The Department of Energy awarded the Railroad Commission of Texas $12.6 million that will be used to invest in propane vehicles.

The state commission is working to reduce petroleum consumption by 12.1 million gallons, while increasing propane consumption by 15.9 million gallons. It is estimated that these new vehicles will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 78,000 tons compared to traditional diesel engines. The grant will also create or retain 149 jobs... [Read More]

Eastern Arizona Courier - $2 million allocated for forest improvements
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick announced that the U.S. Forest Service will be making $2 million available to improve facilities on the Coronado National Forest. The funds will be allocated by the Department of Agriculture through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

'We have put off much-needed capital improvements on the Coronado National Forest for too long,' Kirkpatrick said. 'This Recovery Act investment will create jobs, make this area more attractive for tourists and help protect folks in our communities.'

Carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, masons, general laborers, equipment operators and contractors across Southeastern Arizona will be hired to work on the project, which is one of 105 being funded through this round of grants. [Read More]

Orlando Sentinel (Florida) - Florida: Stimulus cash will flow soon
The state's ability to get federal money out of the bank and onto the street was among the topics discussed Wednesday … making remarks at the downtown Marriott hotel were two Democratic members of Congress who represent Central Florida: Suzanne Kosmas of New Smyrna Beach and Alan Grayson of Orlando.

The Florida Department of Transportation and local governments have 521 transportation projects lined up. But only $316 million has been awarded to companies, meaning that work should start soon. The remaining funds, more than $1 billion, have only been designated for specific jobs, and advertisements have been placed for potential bidders…

Kosmas and Grayson said the money helped prevent a second Great Depression.

'The alternative, I think, would have been disaster,' said Grayson, who added that without the stimulus the nation's unemployment rates would have gone 'through the roof.'... [Read More]

Philadelphia Business Journal (Pennsylvania) - Pennsylvania gets another $101M from stimulus for weatherization
“Pennsylvania has received $101 million from the federal stimulus package toward its weatherization program, Gov. Rendell announced.

The amount represents about 40 percent of the total weatherization funding Pennsylvania has been authorized to receive under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for its weatherization program. The state plan calls for reducing energy use by the equivalent of 155,000 barrels of oil annually, weatherizing 29,700 homes in the next two to three years, and creating 900 jobs, Rendell said.” [Read More]

The Business Journal of Milwaukee (Wisconsin) - Schools gain early access to stimulus funds
Wisconsin schools will gain early access to all of the $366 million set aside in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to support educational services and parent outreach.

The money was set aside by Congress for schools with high poverty rates, special education and early interventions to keep students on track in academics and behavior. [Read More]

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