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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • Democrats in Congress are fighting to help small businesses create jobs here at home.  Democrats are taking America in a New Direction - creating good American jobs, providing the lowest taxes in 60 years for the middle class and small businesses, and closing tax loopholes that send jobs overseas.

This week, the White House Council of Economic Advisers released its latest quarterly report on the economic impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.   The report found that the Recovery Act is already responsible for saving or creating 2.5 to 3.6 million jobsFor every government dollar invested in Recovery Act programs, private companies and others are co-investing with nearly three times as much outside investment. [White House, 7/14/10]

The Fort Scott Tribune (Kansas) - Kansas bodes well in Recovery Act analysis

In Kansas alone, the Recovery Act has cut taxes for 1 million working families and helped to spur 28,000 new jobs. [7/15/10]

KTVZ NBC-21 (Oregon) - Gov: Oregon Had 6,150 Stimulus Jobs in Q2

Gov. Ted Kulongoski announced Thursday that approximately 6,150 jobs were funded by $200 million in federal investments during the last three months through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Total investment this quarter in all Recovery Act projects and services, including education, health care and unemployment assistance, is approximately $462 million.

These investments are continuing to put people to work,” Governor Kulongoski said. “By creating employment opportunities, the federal funding is helping individual Oregonians provide for their families in a way that is also improving our communities.”

During the last three months, Recovery Act funds have paid the salaries of over 4,000 educators in Oregon's K-12 schools and higher education system. [7/15/10]

ABC News - President Obama Heralds Battery Plant Groundbreaking as Key Element of Economic Recovery

President Obama said today that a new advanced battery plant in western Michigan will not just stimulate the local economy but also be a key element to turning around the U.S. economy and creating jobs that have recently been heading overseas.

The new Compact Power plant will open as a result of a Recovery Act advanced battery and electric vehicle award.

Compact Power plant is the ninth of nine new advanced battery plants created with Recovery Act money and will manufacture batteries to support 52,000 Chevy Volts a year and will also supply batteries for the new electric Ford Focus.

Compact Power was awarded a Recovery Act grant of $151 million last August and estimates it will employ 70 in construction jobs immediately after the groundbreaking.  This will rise to 200 by September and 300 at the peak of construction.  The factory will hire more than 300 full-time Michigan workers when at scale. [7/15/10]

Charlotte Observer (North Carolina) - U.S. labor secretary: Plant a success for stimulus, jobs

[DISTRICT MENTIONED: R- Sue Myrick (NC-9): Voted NO on Recovery Act]

U.S. Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis visited the manufacturing plant for Celgard, the Charlotte-based lithium battery manufacturer, on Thursday morning in an effort to highlight success stories from the Obama administration's stimulus bill.

Celgard received a $49 million grant last year as part of the stimulus, which is helping pay for an expansion of its south Charlotte plant and the construction of a new facility in Concord. The expansions are expected to create 200 jobs statewide within Celgard and more than 1,000 jobs among contractors and suppliers. [7/15/10]

Richmond Times-Dispatch (Virginia) - Stimulus funds supporting clean fuel


America can have a cleaner, greener economy, U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said during a visit to Richmond yesterday, and the federal economic stimulus package is helping to make that happen.

Baker Equipment was installing a propane fuel system in one of Arlington's Red Top taxis yesterday, work paid for out of a $8.6 million federal economic stimulus grant.

The grant will cover the purchase and installation of almost 1,200 of the clean-fuel systems and for the construction of 25 propane -- referred to as autogas -- refueling stations along major roads in nine Southeastern states.

'The work happening here at Baker Equipment is a great example of the impact the Recovery Act dollars are having in cities and towns across the country, putting people to work and helping make rapid advances in emerging industries like clean energy,' Vilsack said.

The propane-conversion program has created 47 new jobs, officials said, with one of those at Baker Equipment. [7/16/10]

La Crosse Tribune (Wisconsin) - Construction training grant will help 30


Workforce Connections Inc. in La Crosse will use a $336,315 grant to continue the Constructing Opportunities program that helps people develop basic construction industry skills.

It is part of a $34 million Transitional Jobs project that Gov. Jim Doyle announced Monday to help more than 4,000 people across the state gain skills and re-enter the workforce

The Transitional Jobs project uses federal stimulus funds and targets Wisconsin residents ineligible for the state's W-2 program and unemployment insurance benefits.

Workforce Connections' grant will be used to serve at least 30 people in the next two years. [7/15/10]

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